Relationships- Tips to Keep Them Healthy

5 tips to keep your relationship healthy

Relationships, though started merely out of the desire to be with someone you love, are quite advantageous for the peace of mind and body. For one, you enjoy the feeling of being with someone you love, being loved back by the same person and sharing every tiny happening of your life with him or her. You look after each other and scared of disappointing your partner, you strive to be a better person. On a less romantic side, couples who live together do so economically as all their expenses got shared and hence split into two equal halves. Because of these reasons, and because one is hopelessly in love, relationships ought to be kept healthy and intact.

How to make sure you don’t fall apart?

Breakups are perhaps the most painful thing to endure, especially when you are not quite over the other person yet. Major psychological setbacks and personality twists occur during this period, giving birth to a new person altogether. In order to escape the pain of losing the loved one, it is necessary to put due effort into a relationship and strive to help it grow healthier with each passing moment. Following are a few tips to ensure that you don’t fall apart to regret later:

Top Tips to Keep Relationships Healthy:

  1. Talk to one another every time a disagreement occurs. Living together doesn’t necessarily mean that you are above the necessity to use verbal language; verbal expression in fact becomes mandatory when you are stuck with someone 24/7. Tell each other how much you are in love, feel free to express your anger or disappointments and keep your ears willing for any complaints coming from the other end. Silence gives way to a lot of misconceptions and slowly piles up each tiny shred that eventually goes off with the magnitude of an atomic bomb; don’t let your relationship blow up!
  2. Take out leisure time regularly. Sleeping in the same bed and watching television together once a week is not sufficient to keep a relationship running, you have to try harder and sacrifice your working hours every now and then to make the other person feel loved. This will help you understand your partner better, for every human is like a story book with hundreds of pages to unfold with each passing day.
  3. Show your love. Buy presents for him or her on Valentine’s Day and birthdays. Never forget the anniversary and above all, take home flowers on an ordinary day! You don’t need a special event to show your love and don’t let your relationship fall to the rule that presents only need to be given on big days; every day is a big day, step forward and make it happen!
  4. Be compassionate and supportive. Listen to the troubles of your partner with an open heart and try to help him or her out of the troubled times. Show the other person that you are forever available to comfort and assist them and that they are more important to you than anything else.
  5. Plan a future together. Think about what you both want to do five or ten years later, imagine your home then and even kids if it has come to that. Such plans are a surety that both plan on living together forever and hence strengthen the bond.
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