Romance Tips for Married Couples

Marriage does not mean the death of romance and love. The understanding with your partner and being comfortable in your relationship are the tools to make your open about the feelings for each other. The things after such as jobs, financial obligations, family, kids, social commitments and the new demands for each day plays an important role in skipping the element of romance after marriage. You just need to find put few hours in a day to add an element of romance in to your married life as it will help you to save your relationship.

The most important tip in romance is to leave notes or love letter for your spouse. It is not necessary to write complex notes but you can simply write some special tag lines such as “I love you”, “You are very special for me” on the mirror or on the dining table. You can also write these notes with the lipstick along with a kiss or can hide such romantic notes in a kitchen cabinet etc.

The most important thing to keep the romance alive in a marriage relationship is to share interests with the partner. For instance if your wife love to do shopping, you need to offer her to go for a shopping with you at least once in a week. If your husband loves to eat traditional foods, then you can arrange a menu consisting traditional items or may be take her to a traditional restaurant with romantic environment. Try this tip, you will surely see a difference in the behavior of your spouse towards you and your interests as well.

Another important thing is to ask questions and engage yourself in a conversation as it will help both of you to come closer to each other. During the period of date, you spend most of the time in asking questions about each other but the conversation becomes quite limited to the children, work or other issues after getting married. So, the important of conversation cannot be denied and is considered as one of the way to rekindle your relationship. You can ask the questions just as the ambitions or aim of your life partner or his/her daily day routine. You can also plan of some upcoming event or spending the weekend. Try not to include any other element even your children and focus your conversion limited to you and your life partner as it will realize him or her that you are sparing this time for the ,most special person in this world.

Another tip is to learn new skills such as dance, cooking or foreign language with your partner. It will not only allow you to spend some time with your spouse but also to do some homework together that will increase the coordination and mutual interest among you and your spouse.

Take a dance class, cooking class or foreign language course with your spouse. Not only will you spend time together in class, you also get to work on your homework together. Exploring a new skill with your mate will help you develop a mutual interest.

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