Guide To Buy Perfect Lipstick for Your Beautiful Pouts

When hunting the makeup aisle it is extensively difficult to find the ideal shade of brown or pink for beautiful pouts. The task becomes even more difficult when search includes non-toxic and safe version that will not expose your precious health to any risk. The very common mistake women usually commit is they ignore the ingredients and purchase lipstick from any store just by looking at its shade. Remember, lips are the precious and sensitive most part of human body and human skin is extremely absorptive and you girls are habitual to ingest lipsticks on their lips. Here are some important tips to grab the perfect lipstick that matches your personality and add a wow factor to your persona.

How to Buy Perfect Lipstick

  • Very common and simple tip is to identify the color of your lips. People with pale lips have to wear sandy and pale pink colors, medium tone lips should go for hues of rose and brown and people having darker lips should wear deep dark colors. Apart from lips color your skin tone also plays an important role in opting the perfect lip color. Girls with fair complexion should make use of lighter shades of pink and brown while girls having little dark complexion should make use of dark colors like red, maroon and chocolate brown. Similarly, in summer and spring make use of light, soft and delicate lip colors while in autumn and winter you can make use of vibrant and intense colors like red, brown etc.
  • If you are purchasing for day function or casual use go for softer versions of your favorite color. While go for a darker tone if you are wearing it on any evening function. In this way you will be able to add a bit more elegant look to your entire look.
  • Another important point is to buy lipstick in accordance with your dress color. Let’s for instance you are wearing a red color on an evening function then wearing a pink shade just ruin your individuality and fades the hot red color. So, navigate for some red shades that look awesome and perfectly complements your personality.
  • Must keep an eye over the ingredients while shopping for lipsticks because what you put on lips ends in stomach. In a research it is said that a single woman consume about 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifespan. Go for lipsticks with ingredients extracted from plants, minerals, insects and having no petroleum and chemical ingredients. If lipstick is made up of beeswax and plant wax like shea butter, carnauba, vitamin E, vegetable oil, sunflower, herbs or other similar  ingredients.
  • If you can’t bother reapplying lipsticks the entire day then buy lipsticks or lip glosses having long lasting effects. Usually lip gloss needs reapplication on regular intervals.

Lipstick or lip glosses are the inevitable cosmetic items for girls and she can’t make a move without a perfect lipstick over lips. The above mention points will definitely help you in finding the perfect ideal lipstick matching both your personality and style.

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