Online Shopping is Taking on Among Asian Women

We are the ones living and enjoying the bounties of digital age. Everything is carried out using gadgets these days. Same goes with the shopping. Every brick and mortar shop is trying to create its online presence to stay ahead of the competition by launching an e-store. This is need of the hour. Shopping trends are transforming and revolutionized with the advent of internet. Businesspersons cannot neglect or ignore the need to have an online station or store. People hardly bother visiting outlets physically since they find it convenient to shop via internet. A number of online sites conduct survey to figure out latest and hottest shopping trends. An insightful survey conducted by a renowned e-commerce website has helped in decoding the shopping behavior of women in Asian countries. The sample size of the survey was 300,000 online women shoppers.

Millions of women no matter working women or the ones who are usually homemakers or work/study at home use smart phones. Out of which 40% shop online. Around 70% online transactions take place through a smart phone device while only 30 percent use computer/tablets etc. 53% women in urban areas prefer shopping online as compared to 47% in tier two and three markets nearby.

On an average, women shop in the following product categories:

  • 35% clothes
  • 26% fashion jewelry
  • 8% shoes
  • 19% fashion accessories
  • 12% home décor

Asian women’s online shopping activities mostly comprise of buying stuff for themselves. Home décor or shopping for others is their second priority most of the times. In a new report on Asian women’s online shopping habits it was discovered that majority are not living up to the image of being selfless and family-focused individuals. According to a report, women make up the largest online consumer base. They are also the ones driving the growth of online shopping in the region.

A survey revealed that modern women prefer to shop online than traditional stores. Among the 5,000 respondents, 63% claimed that they go online once a day to look at the products and services that they could purchase. In addition, 30% of the women who go online more than twice a day to engage in some shopping activity, whether to just browse or actually purchase products. Interestingly, the survey revealed that women are buying personal items such as cosmetics, clothing and accessories the most.  80% women prefer Cash on Delivery payment option while only 20% opt for online transactions, according to the survey.

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