Pakistani Famous Fashion Designers List

Since 2005, fashion industry of Pakistan has been making progress quickly and developing throughout the world. In these days, there are hundreds of best as well as leading fashion designers who always discover amazing dresses and wearing apparel according to weather conditions. You can view three main types of wearing in Pakistan;

  1. Summer Collection
  2. Winter Clothing, and
  3. Spring Imagination Dresses

Recently, it has been estimated that a perfect competition exists among all famous Pakistani fashion designers. Most of these fashion designers and experts run their own clothing centers as well as boutiques in various parts of Pakistan. In very next lines, you will get a list of all leading as well as highly reputed fashion designers of Pakistan with little introduction or formal detail.

List of Male Fashion Designers:-

A precise and recently collected list of all men designers has been arranged in following lines which will introduce these people to fashion lovers. All these Pakistani fashion designers are also greatly popular in South Asian countries and Middle East. Some of these designers also run several collection centers jointly to flourish fashion industry of Pakistan. Many well reputed apparel companies are also best designers in country like Bonanza.

1-Zain Mustafa

2-Amir Adnan

3-Ahmad Bilal

4-Akif Mahmood

5-Ali Xeeshan

6-Ahsan Nazir

7-Ammar Belal

8-Asim Jofa

9-Abdul Samad

10-Aijazz Aslam

11-Adnan Pardesi

12-Mr. Nabil

13-Ather Ali

13-Deepak Perwani

14-Aziz Ali


16-HSY (Hassan Shehryar Yasin)

17-Shamoon Sultan


19-Afzal Ali

20-Nabeel and Aqeel

21-Nomi Ansari

22-Salman Malik

23-Rizwan Baeyg

24-Tazeen Hassan

25-Taufiq Hussain

26-Umer Sayeed

27-Mohsin Ali

28-Omar Mansoor

29-Mahmood Bhatti

30-Faraz Manan etc.

Most of the designers run their own boutiques and they introduce a variety of dresses according to popular fashion in country. Usually, Pakistani designers prefer natural material and softer stuff to make wonderful dresses. These men fashion designers are extremely professional, experienced and talented in designing and making male wear like groom apparel, track suits and simple kurta shalwar etc.

Detail of Female Fashion Designers:-

Pakistani girls have also been participating a lion share in fashion industry for betterment as well as making the imagination and expectations true of youngsters. Some leading female fashion designers of Pakistan have been enlisted below for your complete awareness. Majority of these women fashion designers always prepares special dresses and apparel for bride. You can get the best bridal costumes from these specialized Pakistani female fashion designers.

1-Bunto Kazmi


3-Faiza Samee

4-Shazia Wajahat

5-Maria B

6-Sobia Nazir

7-Feeha Jamshed

8-FNK Asia

9-Sanam Agha

10-Ayesha Varsi

11-Sanam Chaudhry

12-Wardha Saleem

13-Aneeka Cheema

14-Pinky Durani

15-Ayesha Somya

16-Maheen Khan

17-Sana Safinaz


19-Shehla Chatoor

20-Ayesha Hashwani

21-Saadia Mirza

22-Nilofar Shahid

23-Sanam Arif

24-Honey Waqar

25-Monia Farooqi

26-Musarrat Bushra

27-Ana Ali

28-Memoona Manan

29-Faiza Sami

30-Ayesha Kamil etc.

It has been told in early lines that most of Pakistani fashion designers run their fabulous boutiques where designing, stitching and finishing procedures are carried out. In these days, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other famous cities of Pakistan are greatly famous for all kinds of fashion dresses. Some of these designers also work for private as well as personal boutiques including worldwide apparel companies.

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