Shopping Tips To Buy Women Perfume

Perfume is the most loved and essential accessory for every woman and here I am narrating some basic steps that should be considered when shopping for perfume.

  • I am of the view that perfume shopping should be something enjoyable, exciting, savoured and not rushed at all. Spare a quality time in the day time to visit your local perfume stores. Try to have your mind open when you are checking perfumes and never ever judge a perfume by its packing. For perfume you have to rely on your nose not on your eyes.
  • Best and long lasting perfume cost at least above $30 and the range may touch to above $500 to even thousands. So, it is highly important to set a budget for your perfume. Also decide what you really want, a fragrance or everyday use or for special occasions. Moreover, are you urging for a celebrity perfume or a famous brand. Sometimes girls love to have lighter and fresher perfume especially for hot seasons and the most subtle fragrance for winter and autmn.
  • For purchasing perfume it is highly important to understand the concentration of perfume oil in bottles. Perfume are available in various categories. The highly concentrated and expensive is the Parfum and it don’t have to use in larger quantity. It has concentration between 15 and 22% and is an ideal choice for ladies. “Eau de Parfum” has about 8 and 15% concentration and the least concentrated and less expensive is Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne having concentration in between 3 and 8%. It is largely opted by ladies because it is cost effective but, is used in a bit larger quantity.
  • When you are in a perfume palace you have to spray some sampler bottles of the various choices either on the skin or on the swatches. Wait until the perfume gets dry before smelling because fragrance changes with the passage of time. After some time you will smell base notes instead of the initial top notes. Basically base notes remain for long and the high notes are the initial spray from the bottle. Take coffee beans along and smell it before smelling the next fragrance. It is a trick that work awesome. It enables you to narrow down the list to three or four favorite perfumes.
  • Hopefully these steps have made you able to manage a handsome number of perfumes. Now, it is the best time to spray some of the perfume on your wrist. Allow it to dry naturally don’t rub it and smell it. It is largely suggested not to wear any fragrance when going for perfume shopping. Moreover, it is wise to avoid eating hot and spicy food beforehand because your nose will not be as sensitive as it is normally.

These are few steps that enables you to get the best perfume matching your personality. Better is to buy 2-3 perfumes and use it randomly for special and casual occasions. No doubt, perfume enhance a special side of your personality.

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