Asian Food, Women and Fragrances

Asian food needs no introduction as everyone in the world knows, have tried once or more than once in their lifetime and Asian cuisine is most probably one of the best in the world. Talk about Asian women and you would be compelled to say that half of the beautiful girls on this planet live in one of these regions in this continent. Former Miss World and Miss Universe belonged to India in Asia. Asian fragrances are popular throughout the world. Once you have the flavor of it you would never forget the pleasure associated to Asian fragrances. You can find exotic fragrances just right for any kind of mood from seducing your man to feeling just warm and wonderful.

Fragrance and aroma of spices is another Asian specialty. There are many spices used in Asian foods such as red pepper, cardamom, basil and bay leaves, mint and coriander and turmeric and so on. Once you open the lid of Asian dish cooked with all the exotic species and in ghee, you would hardly be able to resist yourself from trying it. Hot spices are mostly used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines are popular for being non spicy and digest easily. Asian food recipes consist of all kinds of ingredients which include fresh vegetables, fruits, all types of meats and pulses.

Asian women in different regions wear different local dresses and jewelry. Although, western influence is obvious but local tradition in the way they dress up still exist at many places such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran and so on. Sari is from India which Pakistanis wear Shalwar Kameez with duppata. Asian women are fond of bright colors and they prefer silk and cotton fabrics. Indian and China silk are exported to other regions of the world and these are making waves in the international fashion industry. You can find many celebrities dressed in beautiful saris and silk blouses from one of the countries in Asia.

They have Hollywood in America and there is Bollywood in Asia. It is one of the largest film industries and its impact on the life individuals in Asian societies is quite eminent. Film Industry in India, Iran and some other countries in Asia are taking the world of cinema throughout the world with a storm.

Indian women are famous for their selfless service and love to keep their life partner happy. While Bengali women are known for their beautiful voice, big large eyes and long black hair. Asian women are making awesome leaps in the fields of engineering, acting, aviation, politics and religion. Late Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi and Haseena Wajid are a few examples of women politicians from Asia.

If we talk about fragrances, the top most and refreshing fragrance of rose and other flowers fragrances are hard to forget. Rose water, fragrant water by boiling rose flowers and getting the essence to make amazing healing miraculous water is known to everyone. Rose water is the creation of a Mogul queen Noor Jahan from ancient India.

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