Asian People, Culture and Traditions

If one looks at the map of the world, it is hard not to notice that Asia is the biggest land mass. Asia is important to the rest of the world. The importance of this part of world is not only because it is the biggest continent of the world, but also because it is the portion if the world which is home to the majority of humanity. All densely populated countries are located in Asia. Asia spans hundreds of longitude and as a result you find a variety of culture and traditions in Asia. Asian people are generally closely bound to their traditions and for them it is always difficult to break away. The continent as a whole is rich in traditions and values.

Asian people are descendents of a variety of races. You find one kind of people dominating one region in Asia. For example, the Indian subcontinent is home to the Aryans. The East of India is mostly home to the yellow races which include the Mongols. These people have very typical features and can be identified very easily. The West of India is mostly populated with Iranian and Arab features. More towards the West you find western mix in the mosaic of population that lives in Asia. Asian people are different from the people of the other continents as these people are still close to their roots and in most of the countries you find agro based economies. The economies are not very well developed and you find tat the pressure on land is great. Still, being blessed with the most fertile plains of the world, Asia is feeding the rest of the world as a granary.

In Asia, you still find that generations after generations of people are bound with the traditional values. The West of Asia is mostly dominated by the Muslim values as a chain of Muslim countries is located in this part of the world. In general here Islamic values are followed and family unit is appreciated.  Families are the basic structural unit in making up the societies here. Even in the technically advanced and developed countries like Japan, you still find that family ties are important to them. People from more developed parts of the world sometimes consider Asian people to be backward and superstitious, but I believe the Asians are happy and at home with their family units still intact.

Asian traditions are most of the times really colorful and in some cases difficult to understand for people coming from highly developed countries. The impact of religions on the traditions and values of the people of Asia is prominent. Most of the people living in Asia find religion and language to be really important to them. The dress codes are specific and the festivals are also under the religious influence. In general, you can say that Asian life is different from the life in other parts of the world. It is still about home and family. People here are still bound to their roots, and most of all, they are happy about it.

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