Beautiful Cultures in Asian Countries

Asia is famous for its diversity in cultures and amazing blend of different traditions, religions, societies and lifestyles have made it one of the best places to visit and explore. Numerous countries in Asia are famous for their traditions like food and cuisine, architecture, literature, art and music. You will find followers of almost all the religions and isms such as Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs and so on. Tourists to this part of the world would be amazed to find cultural diversities and wide varieties of ethnicities, diverse customs and social values. Among these, religion is the most important aspect that plays an important role in the formation of Asian cultures.

There is vast variety of geographical diversity and lifestyles of people. People living in the central part of Asia share a unique cultures influenced by the Arabs, Chinese and Indian cultures. Some of the best literature is printed and published in the central Asian region. Major influence of Persia, Russia and Mongols is also visible in the newly formed states such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. Once a part of former Soviet Socialist Republic of USSR, these states are popular for their music, their literary works by some of the world’s best authors, poets and novelists.

East Asia is comprised of the most populated country China, recently hit by Tsunami Japan and the emerging super power Korea besides many other small and large countries within this region. Chinese influence is very strong on most of the cultures in countries of East Asia. Chinese cuisine is popular worldwide and you cannot deny the beauty and uniqueness of architecture, aesthetics and works of art by the famous artists belonging to one of these countries in this part of Asia. Chinese medicine and traditional way of healing body, mind and soul, different martial arts styles and meditation, arts and related sciences, technology and their local crafts need no introduction or being told. Everybody must have used Chinese, Japanese or Korean products once in their lifetime. Buddhism, Islam and idol worshipping are some of the main religions being followed here.

West Asia has Turkish, Arab, European and Persian cultures amalgamation. Majority of countries in this region of Asia are comprised of Muslim population. Followers are of other religions are also there but they are not much in numbers. People belonging to this part of Asia have rich culture with literature, cuisines, art and music. You can see diversity in cultures, historical places, some of the world’s richest countries, tallest buildings and natural treasures and reserves of oil and precious metals. Persian, Arabian and Turkish cuisine, jewelry, way of dressing and music has no comparison with anyone here on this planet. It is world apart.

Cultures in the South Asian region are influenced by ancient and prehistoric civilizations such as Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan and Aryan in India. Countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have many similarities between them. There are many cultures thriving in this region such as Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism.

By visiting Asia, you give yourself a chance to explore colorful and wide range of diverse cultures and have a glimpse of their traditions that started in long ago in ancient times.

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