Christmas Traditions in Asia

It is indeed a remarkable thing to see the traditions of Christmas in Asia. In Asia, Christmas is a collection of various religions and religious practices occurring by different religions during a holy period. This holy period has now been regarded as a holiday in every state, be it a Christian nation or not. While only a fragment of the Asian populace is Christian, their Christmas celebration today involves the whole country and every community in general. In the past, Christmas celebrations were only about church services and cake baking, but today it is also about sharing good vibes and best wishes with people coming from various parts of the world. Not only the catholic schools, but also the other schools these days have started celebrating Christmas and they do so by giving holiday to children in the Asian states.

Indians have always enjoyed Christmas holidays, since it has been a state holiday for them since the British influence period. This period is also an academic year vacation for them. The West has recognized Christmas as a secular celebration. Some other states like South Korea have announced Christmas as public holiday. People in these states usually do the same activities as any other Western nation; they exchange gifts and best wishes, decorate their homes with Christmas tress and other fancy items, bake cakes and share it with the family and friends and have a Santa Claus at home too to bring happiness to their homes. People can also enjoy their morning with Christmas carols in the church. Japan however, celebrates Christmas in a grand manner and Christians in Japan get to experience a grand fest. There is also a string commercial influence of Christmas in Japan.

Christmas is also one special time of the year when lovers celebrate this auspicious occasion and go out on a special date. However, there are others who sincerely celebrate Christmas from its religious viewpoint.

Most of the Muslim nations in Asia do not allow Christian traditions to be followed, except Jordan and some other countries. States like Malaysia declare Christmas as a public holiday, but they have certain restrictions on the religious motif, thereby making the celebration a purely secular affair.

China and Taiwan makes the greater part of Asia and they only allow private Christmas celebrations. However, if you are in Hong Kong, you would get a public holiday and the condition is quite similar in India too. Nonetheless, for the Indians it is a Christmas vacation, but or people in Hong Kong it is their Constitution Day.

Philippines, on the other hand, celebrate Christmas traditionally due to their strong Spanish influence. Christmas celebrations are followed by the usual Innocent’s day celebration and Epiphany.

If you are from the West and have been to the Asian countries during Christmas, chances are that you will not miss your state. The Christmas traditions in Asia will leave you astonished and amazed, for the better. People are trying to maintain the traditional Christmas celebrations here in Asia to bring al the cultures together in a united platform. Cheers to the effort of the masses!

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