Chocolate Soufflé Recipe – Eidul Fitr Food Recipes

Milk: 1 cup
Eggs: 4 (separated)
Sugar: 3 + 3 ounces
Coco powder: 1 tablespoon (heaped)
Gelatin powder: 2 tablespoons
Water: ¼ cup
Vanilla essence: ½ teaspoon
Fresh cream whipped: 8 ounces

In a pan, mix four egg yolks with 3 ounces of sugar, 1-tablespoon coco powder and 1-cup milk.  Cook them all on low flame stirring continuously until mixture thickens a bit. Now remove from flame and add in dissolved 2 tablespoons gelatin and ½-teaspoon vanilla essence. Beat egg white very stiff with reaming 3 ounces of caster sugar and very lightly fold in the chocolate custard, also fold in the 8 ounces whipped cream, mix all very lightly. Pour in a mold and allow it to set for 2 hours in freezer. Remove in a serving platter, decorate with fresh cream, and enjoy.

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