Date and Almond Shake Recipe – Sehri (Suhoor) Recipes


Cold milk: 3 cups

Boiled & peeled almonds: 10

Soft dates chopped: 10

Vanilla ice cream: 1 big scoop


Put almonds, dates and 1-cup milk in blender. Now blend it nicely until ingredients are mixed and smooth. Then add remaining milk and ice cream and blend it. To thin shake, put milk and to thick shake, put vanilla ice cream. It is up to your preference if you like thinker shake or not. You can serve this healthy shake in iftaar. Dates are very healthy and so are almonds. A blend of milk , almonds and dates can be a great start to break your fasts. Especially after keeping fasts in this hot and humid weather one needs to boost their energy levels without having to consume heavy dishes or by eating too much at once. Since there is no artificial sweetener in this recipe it becomes more healthy to serve it in iftaar.

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