Top 10 Eid ul Fitr Food Recipes

Eid is an auspicious holy occasion celebrated by Muslims across the globe. It is a great occasion to display unity, humanity, tolerance and goodwill when Muslim brothers and sisters help those who are poor and cannot afford to celebrate Eid to the fullest.  On this day, not only too many sweets and desserts are cooked and enjoyed but also, many spicy and traditional dishes are served and liked by all. Today, we are going to share some details on all such scrumptious and appetizing dishes that are served on Eid in Pakistan and by Pakistanis living abroad.

1. Rasmalai

If you want to add something new to your eid menus yet keeping it traditional, try ras malai this time. We all have sheer khurma and vermicelli dishes in different forms but ras malai is somewhat different and tasty. It is an old recipe and many people try it very often but only few who can cook it perfectly. For recipe details click on the link:

2. Shahi biryani

How can you forget having a delicious biryani recipe in your Eid day menus. You can serve biryani both at dinners and lunches it is all up to your choice. A delicious rice recipe with add to the color of the menu and dining tables. You can try different biryani recipes since there are loads to try. Shahi biryani as the names says is a complete dish with loads of flavors and colors. Try this biryani this eid. For recipe and cooking directions, click on the link:

3. Zafrani kheer

How can you think, your Eid is complete without having the rich and creamy sweet dishes like kheer. Kheer is a traditional sweet dish served in Asian cuisine since ages. It is a great combination of milk with rice and cardamom along with nuts adding to the creamy richness. For those looking for kheer recipe, click on the link:

4. Spicy broast

Along with many forms of main dishes some side dishes are also cooked and served. Most of the times fried or roasted dishes are enjoyed along with heavy main dishes. One of these is broast. It is very easy to cook and simple to prepare yet very tempting and tasty. The crispy crust of the chicken skin and coatings give it a unique touch that adds to the flavor of the chicken. You can check out for the recipe here:

5. Spicy roast chops

Mutton chops are yummy as always. You can cook them in different styles with different recipes. They add to the richness of flavors thus tantalizing your taste buds. Masala roast chops are very delicious in taste and those looking for traditional eastern flavors can try this recipe. They go well with other eastern and continental dishes. For recipe click here:

6. Karahi kabab masala

Kabab and cutlets are of different forms and are enjoyed by all. In Asian cuisine, gravy is an essential part of dishes many main dishes. Karahi kabab masala is yet another version of gravy dishes. It is yummy to eat and simple to cook. This dish is cooked in two parts. First kababs are cooked and then in a separate pan gravy is prepared and finally the kababs are added to it. Cooked on low flame for a while and finally served with naan or chapatti. For complete recipe details click here:

7. Dum ka qeema

Mince is a cooked in different forms. People use both mutton or beef to make mince. It is all dependant on their personal choice and preferences, However, beef mince is more delicious than mutton. Dum ka qeema is a simple dish that is cooked with usual spices that are used on regular basis. It is simple to cook and yummy to eat. The best part about this dish is that it is light and delicious in taste. One can add in dum ka qeema on eid lunch or dinner menus. For recipe click here:

8. Chili Garlic Wings

For all those looking for something new and different on the coming eid, chili garlic wings is a good addition. You can try such continental recipes along with other traditional and heavy recipes. In summers, it good to have something different rather than having all the usual dishes always. Therefore, chili garlic wings are the right choice to give it a little twist. Try the recipe and enjoy. For recipe details click here:

9. Chicken malai handi

Chicken malai handi is lush combination of chicken, cream and traditional spices. This dish is a great combination of chicken with some usual spices and cream. The addition of cream gives it rich and mughlai flavor. As you can see in the recipe, some nut’s paste is use that enriches the flavor of the dish greatly. For recipe click on the link:

10. Badshahi kabab

You must have heard of shami kabab but badshahi kabab is somewhat new for many. You can try this delicious recipe by clicking on the link pasted as follows. For those who always seek for something new and unique in side dishes, badshahi is your call this time. Try and enjoy this different still very tempting recipe.

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