Baby Gender Prediction Methods

The happiest day in someone’s life is when they came to know that they are going to be parents soon. From that moment they start planning their life, dreaming of the best future of their kid. After a few months a wish arose in the heart of both the partners and they want to know about the gender either they are going to have a baby boy or baby girl. Many wish to have or need to have a baby boy while some wants to have a baby girl. Some do not have any kid so, they will be happy with any one either baby boy or baby girl. For knowing it they have to wait for few months to get ultrasound and then came to know about the baby gender. There are a few predictions from the olden time through which one can also come to know about the baby gender.

There is not an exact science for the prediction of baby gender, but some of the methods work surprisingly and accurately. You can get the most accurate result from sonogram but some fun methods are there to get few ideas what the baby gender is. There are few better ways that everyone must try to practice.

  • Some of these methods have no scientific support and they are referred to as “old wives tales”. In case during pregnancy if a woman has a continuous craving for sweets, then there is a great chance to have a baby girl. An opposite to it if she craves for sour then chances of having a baby boy are more.
  • Many of the people also have a believe that if symptoms of morning sickness are sever it also shows the baby gender. If case is of light symptoms it means it’s a baby girl and on the other hand if symptoms are sever it means to have a baby boy. But again, these things are not as to take seriously.
  • It may also happen that the ultrasound may not show you the most accurate results, most specifically in the early months of pregnancy. So, people have fun in exploring the various methods to know the gender of the upcoming baby. It is also a common believe that if a woman carries her baby high it means it’s a baby girl and if low it means it’s a baby boy. It is also a prediction that from the heart rate one can also predict the baby gender. Such as high heart rate means baby girl and slow hear rate means baby boy.
  • People also use Chinese gender prediction methods they have a chart which compares mother’s age along with the conception months then they predict the baby gender. According to the Chinese they predict from the conception month opposite to actual birth time , then add nine months to woman’s current age one can get this chart from any online store. Another funny method is predicting the gender with wedding ring tie it with string and hold on a woman’s stomach if it moves in a circle it shows baby girl and if it moves back and froth it indicates baby boy.
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