Types of Marriages in Pakistan

Arranged marriage is most commonly followed in Pakistan. In this type of marriage, the wedding will be fixed with the close wish and liking of the bride and groom’s families. So, the whole family will be involved in all the wedding arrangement of the couples. Marriage in Pakistan is considered to be the customary standard and livelihood of adults. Here marriage is never expressed as a close relationship between the bride and the groom, but it is dearly conceived as a good understanding between those families. This is the reason most of the marriages are obviously arranged by the wishes of the parents.
For several hundred years, arranged marriages are conceived to be the constitutional and inherent character of the Pakistan social group. Moreover, it is quite common for individual to fix their marriage by their family members and elders. Generally, arranged marriage is organized by both the families on looking at their family background, potentials, social status, caste, wealth and lot more. Usually, marriage in Pakistan is arranged between the expanded family members like cousins or relatives.
A little illustration will validate most point. Marriage in all 4 provinces in Pakistan is mostly arranged. Generally, the groom’s parents and relatives will make a visit to the bride’s house and set forth their proposal. Once if the bride’s parents and relatives accept the proposal, the “mangni” will take place. Mangni is the engagement function that takes place as a grand celebration with the presence of relatives and friends. Once the marriage date, the bridegroom will be taken to the place of the bride, where Nikah takes place.
Generally it is really a difficult task for people to make their choice of marriage as successful. The traditional and culture passionate Pakistani people, particularly residing in rural areas will never accept the love marriage system and most cases they will break the relationship between them and the pairs. Moreover, the married pairs will be locked in jail, as they wed-locked with the opposition of their parents and relatives. Where as in some other cases, the girl or the boy will be imbibed and buried on the grounds, because of marrying someone without the approval and acceptance of their parents and relatives.
Love marriage in Pakistan is really very difficult to happen, as people here will stick with the tradition and culture. It is really a tough situation to marry the person of your choice in Pakistan. Though the commandment and law grants the women to join her hands with her choice of person, the parents and relatives of both bride and groom will never accept the wedding. Moreover, people will conceive their marriage as the dishonor to their family and religious customs. At cases, the girl will be killed by her people and at some cases her partner will also murdered.
For all these reasons, most of the marriage in Pakistan will be arranged marriage. The wedding will be decided by both parents and relatives. Wedding that gets arranged by the parents and people will be performed as a grand celebration depending upon their ability and potentials.

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