How to say I Love You to Him or Her on This Valentine’s Day? Top 6 Ideas

Three words can change the life of an individual. You can give whole universe to the person you love by saying “I love you” and there is nothing precious but the feeling to be in love. There are many people who have had expressed their love for their beloved in unique manner. If you are looking for an innovative way to express your love this Valentine’s Day, there are some ideas for you below:

Idea # 1: Call your darling and ask him/her to meet you just before sunset on the Valentine’s Day. Choose a romantic place where both of you can share the sunset and there are no interruptions of any kind. Ask your lover to stand by your side facing the sun and then when the sunset start and your partner is deeply involved watching the beauty of nature, say in his/her ears “I love you”.

Idea # 2: If you have entered your age of maturity and want to express love in a very sophisticated manner to your beloved, you can arrange a lovely dinner. Light some candles and cook or order something delicious. Wear lots of perfume and play soft romantic music in the background. You can use red theme to match the occasion of Valentine’s Day. After dinner, ask your lover for a dance and while holding him/her in your arms say those three magical words “I love you”.

Idea # 3: Express your love in a unique way. Call your partner home and try planking. Ask your lover to become a plank and take some photographs. Tell him/her how much you love while you are turned into a plank. Share those on your website or social network for your friends. This may be something not everyone would like to try but you can if you are really looking forward for some fun and excitement.

Idea # 4: Buy lots of heart shaped balloons and a huge teddy bear. Send to your beloved on the Valentine’s Day. Choose a beautiful love card that shall carry your message and send it along with your gifts.

Idea # 5: Write your beloved’s name on the sand and invite him/her at the beach. You can draw a big heart with arrow in it or just make two hearts together.

Idea # 6: Say I love you to your husband this Valentine’s Day in very special manner. Before he arrives at home you can turn all the lights off. Burn small heart shaped candles to light up the home mysteriously. Turn on music and wear a sexy number. The moment he enters the door give him a soft hug and whisper you love him in his ears. Hold his hand and lead him towards your bedroom. Rest, you can imagine and plan according to your own fantasy and imagination.

There are so many ways to express and say how much you love your partner or friend. You can invent some ideas of your own or simply experiment with something new. Remember, all you have to do is to be yourself and express what you have in your heart to your beloved.

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