Importance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an important day for lovers. Each lover tries to make it the most romantic and unforgettable day of the year by planning the ideal gift to please the beloved. Flower-sellers, greeting cards and chocolate shops, and even jewellery shops record good business on this day. Many lovers who eagerly wait for this day and even celebrate it in a big way are not aware of the historic implication of Valentine’s Day, but just look upon it as a lovers’ day to be together and promise each other unrequited love.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a holiday on February 14. The most important feature of this day is to exchange love notes mutually which are called “valentines”. The symbols of Valentine appear in all the Valentine merchandise which is a heart-shaped outline and the figure of the winged Cupid. Greeting cards are exchanged and sent each year worldwide, and it has been estimated that approximately 85 percent of all valentines are bought by women.
The origin of St. Valentine’s Day goes back to the Christian priest who sacrificed his life for the sake of religion and love. The Roman Emperor threatened to kill him if he did not renounce his belief in God, and since Valentine did not give in, and died for the cause, he is epitomized for his conviction and devotion. After that the tradition of courtly love existed and flourished in the middle Ages, and since that time the celebration has continued. After that greeting cards were printed and the day was declared a holiday as well.
None of these traditions actually relate to the red heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses, through which the over commercialization of the day is evident today. And somewhere the original implication of St. Valentine’s ideals is lost. But Valentine’s Day can be celebrated to reach out to anyone you love, for whom you may not have had enough time to show and express your feelings and make the day important for all. Time is a rare factor in each person’s life today, and the importance of Valentine’s Day can be linked to the importance of taking time to express your emotions for a particular person.
The importance of Valentine’s Day is the importance of communicating love to others, and in many European countries a trend has started to communicate the feeling of love to a parent, a child, a sister or a friend. Everyone needs to be loved, and often many relationships are taken for granted, but on Valentine’s Day each one can make an extra effort to express his emotions in a special way.
Looking back on the historical importance of the feast, Valentine’s Day emphasises the importance of love, because it is an enhancing factor in a person’s life and helps each person to face the challenges of life with added energy. We often forget the capacity of the human heart, because it is often overridden by logic, common sense and intelligence, which have a higher place in the success of an individual. But Valentine’s Day is a gentle reminder that we are all human beings with hearts that can love, which does not understand logic and has no conception of religion and language barriers which are actually destroying peace and harmony in the world today. Let us restore peace and harmony in the world through the message of love on Valentine’s Day.

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