Main Indian Festivals – Top Major Indian Festivals

India is the land of festivals. It is not just a spiritual country, but a country that celebrates different festivals all the year round. There are countless Indian festivals of different cultures and religions being celebrated all through the year in a unique way. In fact, India is the only nation that celebrates different festivals of different religions in such a grand manner.

There list of Indian festivals is endless. But, here’s a glimpse of some of the most popularly celebrated festivals in India that you would love to know more about:


One of the most auspicious occasions in India is Diwali. It is a festival that lasts for 5 days, and marks the beginning of the New Year of Hindus. Diwali, often called the “Festival of lights” is one occasion during which the whole country lights up. People celebrate this festival using clay lamps, candles and fireworks. Lighting up the country represents the triumph over evil; brightness kills the dark and brings in joy and prosperity. People exchange greetings with sweets and celebrate Diwali with lights and fireworks.


If Diwlai is the “Festival of lights”, Holi is the “Festival of colors”. Holi is celebrated all over India for two days with different colors. Colored powder and colored water is thrown over one another; this is the charm of the occasion. People arrange parties and have a great time together. It is a carefree occasion that everyone enjoys.

Dusshera/ Navratri/ Durga Puja

These 3 festivals take place back to back. The first 9 days are celebrates as Navratri, during which different religions come together in one platform to sing and dance and honor the Goddess. The 10th day is known as the Dusshera during which the Goddess defeats the demon. Durga Puja is also celebrated during this time, and it is primarily the festival of the Bengalis. Durga Puja is widely celebrated in Kolkata, the City of Joy, and in other parts of India as well.


Onam is the harvest festival traditionally celebrating the homecoming of King Mahabali. It is one festival that represents the culture and the heritage of India. The houses, particularly the front of the homes are decorated with flowers in different patterns. New clothes, dance and games, snake boat racing and feast marks the celebration of Onam. It is mainly celebrated in Southern parts of India.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi marks the honor of the Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed idol of the Hindu religion. This is a spectacular 11 day festival. During this festival, decorated and crafted statues of the Lord Ganesha can be seen in different parts of the country, primarily in Maharashtra. The festival is a major occasion in the country, and Mumbai is the perfect place to see this festival.


Christmas is one such festival that is celebrated all over India, irrespective of religion and cultural differences. The birth of Lord Jesus Christ brings different cultures together in one podium.

There are many other festivals that India celebrates, such as Pongal, Janmashtami, Kerela Temple festival, Rakhi, Bhai Dooj, Makar Snakranti, Naag Panchmi, Id and Buddha Purnima. In fact, you can witness the festivals of different religions in this country.

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