Valentine’s Day Roses and Chocolates

It’s Valentine’s Day and for this occasion the magical gifts for your loved ones are roses and chocolates.  Actually the fragrance and beauty of flowers can convey so many beautiful emotions, and Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to do it.  If you are celebrating love and want to express your thoughts, sentiments and emotions, what can be better than a bunch of red roses for your partner?  Through flowers you refresh your love and promise your love to your loved ones.  A bouquet of flowers is the most traditional way of expressing your innermost feelings, and will hopefully never be outdated.

Flowers can bring happiness to anybody who is on the receiving end.  You can give assorted flowers, or flowers of the same colour or variety.  Valentine’s Day is a day of exchanging gifts, so lovers give each other a combination of gifts like valentine roses and chocolates, sometimes cake, greeting cards and jewellery too.  Of course roses and chocolates are the most popular gift items.

The symbol of the heart is prevalent in all the merchandise associated with Valentine’s Day.  Cakes and chocolates shaped in the form of a heart are common gifts.  And that is why the red and the pink rose are the popular flowers on that day, because their colors are closest to the heart.  Often it may just be one single rose that speaks for itself, but red is the prevalent color of Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day chocolates have a special look and naturally a special flavour.  A look at the packing will tell you that it has been packed specially for Valentine’s Day, because it is heart-shaped with Cupid’s figure, as we all know that chocolates make a very romantic gift.  Chocolate shops online advertise Valentine’s Day chocolates well in advance and in the city several chocolate shops have Valentine Day specials with truffle gift boxes, caramel assortments and chocolate hearts waiting to be picked up, or even ordered.

The attractive chocolates on sale for Valentine’s Day are the hand-made and handcrafted chocolates, the signature chocolates, where the well-known chocolatiers give a personal touch to their specialities and signature flavours.  A combination of a bunch of roses and a box of favourite chocolates would be the ideal combination to spell love on Valentine’s Day.

And it is an obvious conclusion that roses and chocolates are sold at exorbitant prices on Valentine’s Day.  Nobody looks at the price tag when choosing for the lover, and if the flowers and the chocolates appeal to the eye, the money spent is of no consideration.  The industry takes cognizance of this fact and hikes up prices for both roses and chocolates on this occasion.  Of course, the variety of chocolates available just for Valentine’s Day gifts is enormous, but the business for the concerned industries is more than profitable.  Unfortunately, there is too much commercialism today, and people pay more attention to high-value products than the meaning behind it.

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