Why Majority of Asian Women Love to Have Fair Complexion?

It has been ages since when you can observe this fact that Asian women love to have fair complexion and White or non Asians although having fair complexion still want to tan it a bit. What a contrast? It leads to a fact that humans are not satisfied with what they have. They want something else what God has granted to them. Man has always been like that and who knows till when he/she will be like that. He forgets to say thank you to the Lord for granting him so many things in his life for which he cannot even think of to own them.

Similarly women have always been beauty conscious. They love adorning themselves with the best clothes, shoes, and jewelry and makeup items to look the best among all. Fair color complexion is an added or God gifted thing a women can hold. Majority of Asian women think it is their good fortune that they are blessed with fair complexion. They feel so proud of themselves. Anyone knows the reason for that? Well for sure there are many answers to this question. It is not only an internal desire of a woman to have smooth and fair color complexion but it is  something which their society has set a standard of being beautiful or ugly for them. It is part of our social standards that a girl or a lady with fair complexion is an angel from heaven and the one who has dark color is not at all beautiful. She is being regarded as like an inferior one among others because she is not fair enough to look good. This is the reason why she tries to make use of different beauty and fairness creams and lotions to lighten her skin color. There are thousands of methods to make your color fair which are being in use for years. Many of them are effective and affordable as well. Since ages ladies use homemade remedies to have a fair color complexion. This is sort of a symbol beauty for them as thrusted to them by their society. But the question arises why a girl or a lady should be fair in complexion to be regarded as a beautiful lady? The need here is to change the mentality and thinking of all those millions of men and women who think the same. Beauty lies in the character, in the soul and in the heart of anyone. Having good and beautiful face is a God gifted thing but if with this face you cannot do good deeds, cannot make others happy, cannot help others, cannot play even a small part to improve your society, bring peace and love among all or anything good at all then your looks have nothing to do with anything all. On the other hand if you are dark in complexion but you are helping humanity, spreading peace and love among your fellows, have good thinking about others even at a lower extent than you are more beautiful than anyone else around because of your good soul and deeds. The need of the hour is to change this old and pathetic thinking of having fair complexion to be called as a beautiful woman.

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