Wishing More Peace & Unity in a New Year…. Happy New Year 2019

A New Year gives us lot of hopes to create our world better than before. It gives one more chance to change something which was failed to accomplish in past year.  A new year comes with new wishes, new aspirations and dream plans which will be executed for the betterment of a mankind.

There is always lot more to do in a new year to achieve the goals but it could be only achieved if the people have learnt from their experiences and performances with reference to growth of past year. A true dedication, hard work and positive attitude can change anything in our life.  Nothing remains unchanged in our universe. Everything evolves by time to time.

A decorated Christmas tree, Bright Colors, Lights, Lots of Gifts by Santa Claus, Music and Smiles on billions of faces signifies the internal joy; happiness of Mankind which is being celebrated to welcome the New Year.  Everyone should be cordial to their destiny and towards the almighty god who always showering blessings upon us to make happier and healthier life all round the year.  Our prayers should be for those people who were ill-fated and died in past year and are not able to join us to celebrate the New Year. Every one’s life is depending on somebody. Hence with feeling of gratitude, the New Year should be always celebrated together with the people our society whom we love and care. Everyone should enjoy the togetherness during the New Year celebration rather to stay alone. Our life always gives experience by each passing of year and so the learnt lessons should be kept in our mind. Hence everyone should aim new resolutions which would be surely accomplished in a new year. The world needs peace, humanity and unity amongst the people of different cast, religion and race. A New Year always comes with billions of changes, innovation, prosperity & growth.

Time can’t be divided to mark its passage, none of thunderstorms or may announce the beginning of a new year. Everybody should vow to do some extraordinary things in a new year the things for which the time was not managed before. Someone should feel like present moment is the most excellent moment in life which can down the sorrows and grief. The people who don’t dare to execute their resolutions will have no hope later, they will be dissipated, lost, expire in the myth of the hurry and scurry of the world.

For some people, It’s a being a trend to celebrate the New Year without family and close friends. It will never give a true happiness to a person who is staying away from his family and society during the celebration of a festival. It’s not only shows the self-centered nature of a man but representing the decline in human values and culture. Let’s unite ourselves and vow to celebrate a new year with helping to the poor and needy people. Let’s include such people in our mainstream of society. Our world doesn’t only need money, growth and prosperity but it also requires the peace, equilibrium and stability amongst people.

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