Top Pumpkin Wedding Decoration Ideas

It is the time of the fall and season of the wedding has been started so, people are searching for the decorating ideas how uniquely they can make their wedding decoration. In this regard one of the  best choice is pumpkins that you can incorporate into food, treats and decoration as well. Use of pumpkin in decoration can be simple and casual and can also be raised to elegant and occasional. It entirely depends how you can use them in decoration.

Here we are going to discuss few decoration ideas of pumpkin for the wedding reception. And also about some other pumpkin use that make the day more beautiful and enjoyable. A bonus to these decoration ideas is these ideas are quite affordable and must be within everyone’s budget.

  • One can use pumpkin as a theme for guest cloths, table cloths and also as a gift table. You can use a fall color table cloth and place a small pumpkin on every table.
  • For table cloths you can find them at discount rates in any discount store and also in any store supplying crafts.
  • For table decoration one can remove all the inside pulp of pumpkin in white or orange and also shape it in heart shape. Then put a beautiful candle inside each of the pumpkin, it will give a very festive look to your place.
  • As a delicacy of centerpiece place a bowl filled with pumpkin candies at every table.
  • Place bright colored candies in pumpkin shape, it is very pleasing to the guests when they sit at tables.
  • Another good centerpiece is added arrange small pumpkins and place it on reflective mirror, also add some colored votive along each arrangement.
  • Buy some elegant baskets and add small and beautiful pumpkins to give it a more decorative look.
  • To give it more festive and attractive look you can also spray paints some with golden color and some with multi colors.
  • Hollow out the small pumpkins so, these pumpkins can also be used as a candle holder and place them at the center of the table.
  • For the evening reception buy candle holders with a pumpkin theme which is mostly available in orange, white and golden color, increase its charm by adding colorful candles in it. Arrange them on each table center and spread fall colored glossy confetti in the surroundings. They will create a soft and romantic glow to the event.
  • Tie broad ribbon in fall color around every chair of guest and connect a mini pumpkin in a bow form at the back.
  • Keep pumpkins in one corner of the function so, each guest will take one pumpkin at the end of the function.
  • While in the treat you can offer pumpkin pie, cupcakes having pumpkin candies on the top, muffins in pumpkin flavor can also bets to serve in the evening.
  • You can also add cake with pumpkin flavored, and decorate it with beautiful small pumpkin.
  • You can also paint pumpkin with the word welcome and place it on each table is another enchanting and pleasing idea to welcome your guest at the wedding.
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