5 Common Computer (PC) Problems and How to Fix those Yourself

Having problems with computer or PC  is quite common. We all often face such problems. In this short article few common computer problems and their solutions will be discussed, so hang on and keep reading.

Common Computer Problem 1: Computer is not Turning On

If computer does not turn on, check the power cable if it is plugged in rightly into the PC. Also, check the power socket to confirm that the supply is working properly. You can also plug in the power cable once again properly.

Common Computer Problem 2 – Computer is Too Slow:

If your computer is too slow, run the anti virus and scan your entire hard disk to make sure that it is virus free and then restart the computer. Make sure that not many unnecessary programs are running. If so, close or delete any unused program.  Think about deleting huge unused programs as well to make good use of the hard disk. Disk ‘DE-fragmentation’ can also speed up the PC, though this needs a bit of expertise to run it. So either call a friend who know enough on that or you can take your PC to a repair shop (that’s for severe cases).

Common Computer Problem 3 – Monitor is not Working

If computer turns on properly but its monitor does not show anything, make sure that the monitor cable is plugged in correctly. Restarting the computer may also help.  If the problem persists, contact a technician.

Common Computer Problem 4 – Internet or Network is Not Working

If the internet or network is not working, make sure that the router is turned on. If you still face the problem, restart your computer wireless connection.  Sometimes, restarting computer can also fix the problem. In extreme cases call someone to help you.

Common Computer Problem 5 – Computer Making Lot of Noise

Sometimes dust on fan causes noise in the computer.  Fans can be cleaned using a ‘blower’ or a brush.  Make sure computer is in clean and dry room.

A lot of information is available about fixing the common computer or PC problems. If you get some specific error message, just copy and paste that into Google and you are likely to find a solution for minor problems. Getting worried for such small issues is not today’s story. People can fix such minor issues now and so can you.

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