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The information has always been the need of human being throughout the history of mankind. Different people require different kind of information according to their needs and according to their role in their respective professions and society.
Media, Print or electronic, is one of the most frequent source of news and information which provides updates round the clock seven days a week. Besides print and electronic media, now a days web media is also getting great acceptance among people.
In Urdu world, like other languages, there are dozens of newspapers, News channels, news websites and web TVs with rapid updates for their viewers and listeners. Some years ago, there were only a few sources for news in Pakistan, majority of people used to listen radio only, and some foreigner Urdu news services were very popular in masses, such as BBC and VOA.
Because of the competition every news group has tried to develop all sources of information and broadcasting to get more viewers, listeners and readers. Today we see that there are groups which own TV channels, Newspapers, updated websites and also their specific channels on youtube.com as well. Before it was thought that only newspapers are credible source because we can consult any time if we need reference, but today the advancement of technology has made it possible to listen the exact program any time we need on YouTube or any other video uploading website.
Some of top Urdu news channels and websites
First we will discuss Foreign based Urdu news resources


Although it is UK based setup but it provides news services in almost all major languages of the world, especially its radio service has great level of popularity. The website of BBC/Urdu is constantly updated with news, features and video updates. A new service which BBC introduced sometimes ago in the shape of FM news bulletin is also very useful to get updates in a very short time.

VOA: Voice of America

This service, especially radio service, also has succeeded to maintain good reputation in Urdu listeners. It also has updated website and a news channel.


Other then these two major outlets there are a number of other foreign which are providing good services, such as Voice of Germany, Voice of Russia, Urdu Radio of china, Urdu service of Al.arabia network and so on.
Pakistan based news groups and channels

Geo/ Jang Group

Geo news channel along with a number of other channels like geo super, geo TV, aag TV and so on, jang group has a daily newspaper named Roznama Jang. This newspaper enjoys the largest readership.

This group also possesses a newspaper with its e-copy on website and a well reputed news channel.

Waqt Group

It is one of the oldest news groups in Pakistan. Roznama Nawaiwaqt is a daily newspaper of this group and now they also have started a channel WAQT. it also has a website where with updated daily e-paper.


Other then these major news groups there are many others with great viewership. Some prominent names are ARY, Dunya TV, Sama TV, Aaj TV, Channel 5 and Dawn News.

Other newspapers include Ausaf, Pakistan observer, Pakistan today and Friday times.

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