Add Colors To Your Wedding Day With Wedding Favors

Wedding functions are now more advanced and sophisticated than a couple of years back. People experiment various things to make their day memorable and one such latest additions is the wedding favor. These are token gifts presented to the guest for making some time from their busy schedules just to take part in your wedding. It is a gesture of gratitude for the guests and also serves as the memento to memorize the occasions. In this article you will unearth some brilliant yet affordable wedding favors.

Modern weddings are incomplete without wedding favors. It should not be expensive always; it is just a gratitude to the guests to make them feel special. Hundreds of planning and thoughts have to be made so, deciding for wedding favor makes sense because it shows that hosts have valued the presence of their guests. The main thing while deciding about a gift is the budget because wedding engulfs handsome amount of money in planning and organizing things. However, there are infinite inexpensive wedding favor options and some are listed below

Confectionery and sweets:

Edible gifts prove to be the ideal option and the famous confectionery and candy makes the perfect gift. Chocolates with engraved wedding date can work wonders as well. If you urge for a traditional item then a box of Gulab jaman or Barfi is perfect.

Personalized wedding favors:

Many couples these days love to design their own gifts.  A set of handkerchiefs with embroidery can be a nice option as a wedding favor. You can also involve your family kids and can ask them for some paintings. Similarly, scented candles are ideal choices as well. You can think about several other interesting ideas and can create something exceptional and unique that will memorize them of your wedding.

Favors from NGOs:

Purchasing handmade knick knacks such as pouches, pen stand, paintings, lamp shade, decorative items and many other things  traded by NGO’s can work as an affordable choice and is good for society as well. It is highly suggested option because the money you spent on purchasing these accessories will be used for a good cause and you can start your new journey on an outstanding note by receiving lots of wishes.

Personalized note:

If you have limited budget and you can’t afford wedding favors then, personalized note is the best way to thank your guests. A personalized note for every family will make them feel special. If you urge to add some elegant touch to the note then, use fancy envelope and quality stationary.

Gift wraps for a wedding favor:

Sending a present in sweetly and neatly decorated wedding box can transform a small gift into an exceptional souvenir. You can tie a band or ribbon on the note. You can get more innovative ideas from wedding planning sites and can add more colors to your day.

It is not necessary that you go for expensive wedding favors because it is just a gesture of thanks towards your friends and family that you have valued their presence on your important day. It is a tool to make them feel touched and special.

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