Asian Traditional Wedding Jewelry

Wedding is one of the special occasions which perfectly reflect the customs and tradition of any specific region and area. All the traditions and custom depends on culture, ethnic belief and region. Asia is a region which is rich with so many culture and countries having multi traditions and costums. All the countries have their own traditions and all of them are different in every walk and step of life. All of these countries are celebrating wedding ceremony in their own ways but one thing that is common among all is the tradition of wearing jewelry on their wedding. Jewelry is the real and close friend of woman. Without jewelry woman look as she is missing something in her personality, either she is going for casual, formal or wedding party she has to accessorize herself with jewelry. So, a bride is in great need of jewelry to look special and different on the day of her wedding.

Gold is one of the most valuable and precious stone for wedding among all Asian countries. Bride must have to wear Gold on her wedding either heavy sets or light sets but it is compulsory to wear gold set. The high demand of gold jewelry is due to regional and traditional reasons as well. According to the belief and saying of old people gold conveys a massage of someone feelings like marriage, power, hierarchy and love. In Asia traditional gold jewelry items are handmade.  In girl’s life wedding is the most special and memorable day and wearing jewelry is something a girl longed for, gold is the most precious gift for a girl from her parents and her in laws. Parents also convey their love and best wishes to their daughter for her future life and departed their beloved daughter to other home with gold. On wedding day besides bride, other girls and women also pay special attention on their dresses and jewelry to look beautiful and attractive.

In the past, in Asian countries brides wear only platinum and gold but now the trend has been changed and now they also prefer artificial jewelry with different gemstones available in innumerable colors. In some countries in Asia it is their tradition to adorn their bride with jewelry having their birthstone as a symbol for good luck. It is very common in some Asian countries.

Wedding jewelry items includes rings, necklaces, jhoomar, nath (nose pin), ear rings, tika, matha patti, bangles and many more. Among all jewelry items necklaces and rings are the most essential jewelry items. Bridal jewelry can be adorned with different colorful gems stones and pearls with matching colors to bride dress. Nowadays due to alarming gold rate most of the brides are moving toward silver and artificial jewelry item. Market is full of artificial jewelry; it is available in a great variety of designs and colors that all the girls can make their choice according to their taste. Jewelry compliments women’s personality and on her wedding day she put her all forces to wear that jewelry which she never wear in her life before.

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