Best And Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding is the occasion like many other which needs lots of planning and organizing things to make this big day remarkably cherished and beautiful memory. In Wedding keen attention has been paid to everything but decoration is the most important thing that grabs everyone’s attention, so, it must be mesmerizing and something sizzling. It should be given due priority while you are planning and thinking about wedding preparation. Both groom and bride will always be very excited and confused too, they pray everything will be done in a proper and organized way. Many of them who really want a relief from this tension they hire professional wedding planner for this purpose and pay them well amount so, they decorate and organize them professionally and with great expertise.

They become very conscious about every minute detail like the centerpiece, backdrop, chair covers, stage decoration, candles, and flowers and also for the cake those who want to add on their reception. They also pay proper and full attention to guests, meet their need and make them comfortable by providing them best services. Great and best decoration ideas are needed to make the wedding perfect and magnificent.

Here are few best wedding decoration ideas that make you happy and make your day memorable.

Color selection:

First and most important task is the perfect color selection which goes well with bride dress. This perfect matching adds an additional charm to the wedding decoration. Mostly stage is being decorated with colors that match with the bride’s dress color. This creates synchronization in the theme. Mostly for mehndi function yellow color is the theme color for all weddings.


Another important thing which should be taking into consideration is lighting for the whole wedding. Proper lighting plays very important role in adding extra charm to your wedding. Proper and perfect lighting means best arrangement, right lighting on stage to give bright effects to bride and grooms and make them more sparkling. So, movie and photos of the function will be right and perfect.


Catering and meal is the best part of every wedding in giving 10 out of 10 marks. For arranging meal decoration of the table is also very important. People even set a theme color for the decoration of chairs and tables that looks quite beautiful and attractive. Wedding is the name of different combination of colors. Various decorative items can be used like flower flask with colorful flowers in it.

Wedding candles and flowers:

Wedding candles and flowers are the most important things in the whole occasion. Flowers look quite attractive on every occasion or party. You can also select a flower theme for your wedding function. Candles can also be incorporated in any theme not matters if the function is at night or in day time. Scented and colored candles can also be added to the decoration theme. Various candle holders are available in the market so, you can choose the stylish and unique design candle holders and set them on the tables.

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