How to Choose a Creative Wedding Photographer

From flowers to dresses, cakes and menus, planning the perfect wedding day not only requires the patience of Job, but also the wisdom Solomon. After all, the bride and the groom to-be will have to make hundreds, possibly even thousands of decisions, many of which will have an impact on their big day. But decorations and ornaments aside, arguably the most important decisions a couple can make have to do with who they hire to plan the event.

At the very least they will have to employ a caterer, a florist, a photographer, and possibly even a wedding planner. In this article we are going to talk about the importance of hiring the right photographer to capture your special day, as we believe busy couples often fail to pay proper attention to the shutterbugs they sometimes end up hiring.

When you think about, every other professional that you hire such as florists, caterers or planners are paid to flow your vision and to use their skills to meet your needs. Yes, of course, they will often offer expert advice, but they are paid to pay attention to your style and your tastes. This is not true with photographers who are often afforded more leeway and can pretty much do what they want. As you might expect, the result of this freedom can either be sublime or disastrous.

What to look for?

To begin with, never choose a photographer based only on price. If the deal seems too good to be true it often means one of two things: the photographer has a poor reputation, or no actual experience shooting weddings. And you don’t want someone with a background in bird watching responsible for your wedding photos.


The first and most important consideration is to make certain that the photographer has successfully shot wedding before. Remember, a photographer is one of the most important employees at a wedding, which is why you should not treat the interview in a cavalier manner. Ask the applicant for references and if he cannot produce them or gives you the runaround, simply move on to the next one. Since these gigs often net professionals thousands of dollars for a day’s work, you should have no trouble finding interested applicants.


Before you select a photographer, it is important to decide what kind of style you want. Generally speaking, photographers that shoots wedding fall into three camps, professional wedding photographers, photo journalists and weekend warriors or shutterbugs. If you prefer black-and-white action shots and are interested in choosing a creative photographer, you might want to go with a photojournalist. However, if you desire more traditional still shots, poses and portraits, you will likely want to hire a professional wedding photographer.


Last but not least, it is important to consider the personality of the person you hire. Is he or she likeable, bossy, impatient, or agreeable? After all, this is the professional that will arrange all of the pictures for the wedding party, the reception and the actual wedding. And if the person is difficult or hard to work with, they are probably not the right one for the job. That is why you should always hire someone that you have a natural rapport with and who has the references to prove that he or she is a true professional.

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