Pick Up a Perfect Wedding Day Color

Weddings in Europe, America and most other “Western” countries in general, can be said to be a bit dull and drab in terms of the color schemes used in them. For instance, the brides at these weddings usually wear a white dress or gown whereas the grooms usually wear a black tuxedo or suit and even most of the guests also follow the same color schemes when choosing their clothing. Asian weddings, on the other hand, are a completely different affair with most wedding ceremonies lasting more than a single day and all the people involved in the wedding, from the bride and groom to their respective families and guests, dressing up in a variety of different colored clothes of varying styles. Though the wedding day is a very special day for both the bride and the groom, it is more so for the bride as most Asian women dream of their wedding day from their childhood. Thus it is very important for Asian women to look their best at their wedding and to pick up a perfect wedding day color for themselves that looks unique but at the same time conforms to the traditional values and standards.

Although traditionally different shades of red are associated with Asian bridal wear, this trend is rapidly decreasing as more and more colors and styles are now being added to the attire of the modern Asian bride. For instance, Asian women mostly used to wear red or maroon sari or short shirt with lehnga, with heavy embroidery, on their wedding day however the newer fashions and trends not only incorporate a variety of colors like black, purple, maroon, blue, green and white in bridal wear but they have also expanded the options for clothing styles, to be worn by the bride, to include long and open shirts, kurtis, angrakhas and frocks, mostly decorated with colorful stones and crystals, to be worn over a lehnga, usually in combination with a dupatta with embroidered borders.

Thus Asian women are no longer bound to a limited style or to one specific color when they are shopping for their wedding attire. They can now pick up a perfect wedding day color of their choice from a wide range of colors that not only complements their physical features like skin complexion, but also suits their personality and style. Similarly they can choose the specific type of outfit from a variety of different attire styles and designs, like the ones mentioned above, that they wish to wear that would help them further enhance their appearance and look different and prominent because, after all, it is their big day. In this way, the modern woman not only has much more control over how she presents herself at the wedding but also has a lot more options to choose from in order to look her best and make her wedding day one of the most memorable days of her life.

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