Preparing For Your Wedding; Take Care of Your Skin Before the Big Day

Many people spend more time and investment on buying clothes of all types and materials but it is very little effort they spend when it comes to taking care of their skin, hair and nails. They hardly spend any money on having regular facials, manicure and pedicure to keep their hands, feet and skin clean and shiny. Women often neglect their hands and feet while men are always too busy taking care of their business. It seems to be a daunting task to them if they are asked to take care of their skin moisturizing and cleansing. If you are going to wed in a few weeks time, you should start paying attention to all the neglected parts of your body now. Do not wait for the big day to arrive. You should start going regular facials, manicure and pedicure at home.

Plan your skin care and hair care routine before your wedding day. Meet with the beautician you have selected for bridal day makeup. Ask him or her for any tips and suggestions. Start your balance diet program and work out regime to be mentally and physically healthy and fit on your wedding day. Go for daily walks and make it compulsory routine for you. Daily walk in the morning or evening would help boosting your metabolism, keep flow of blood in your body normal and reduce the pain in joints if there is any. Drink lots of water every day. Water is great tonic for the purification of skin and body. You can get rid of toxins in your body and deposits collection by drinking minimum eight glasses of water daily. Begin with exfoliation and cleansing methods for your skin on regular basis. Clean skin would ensure there are no blocked pores and your skin would feel fresh and younger looking on your wedding day. Use products made for your skin type and stay away from experimenting new over the counter products till your wedding day has passed. You may develop skin irritation, redness or allergies to skin. It is better to stick to only tested and proven brands rather than ending in problems and troublesome skin conditions. Remember, you are going to be the center of attraction on your wedding day so be careful with the selection of cosmetics, foods and other stuff you want to use on your skin.

Try all the products beforehand and do not wait to tear off the wrapper on your wedding day. You may not know the results and find discomfort after using a certain product for the first time on your wedding day. Try mascara and apply heavy coats to find out if it irritates the sensitive skin around your eyes. You may end up ruining your makeup on your wedding day. Try the skin foundation and powders beforehand. Take your own cosmetics for bridal makeup to reduce the chances of getting infections and skin disease transferred to you by using same mascara, lipstick or brush applicators on hundreds of other brides before you.

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