Romantic Wedding Photography on a Budget

Choosing a photographer that you can afford within your budget is difficult, but if you set your priorities about what kind of photography you desire, that should make it easier. For instance, are you searching for a photographer with a lot of wedding experience? Have you looked at different photographed wedding portfolios to see what you like?

Choosing a romantic wedding photographer is different than seeking one who only does traditional photography. You know, the wedding photographs that have everyone lined up like schoolchildren on the church steps? Or photos that are so predictable that they become trite and hackneyed in the viewer’s eye even if they know the couple well?

If you seek romantic shots, the locale is of the utmost importance of course. Imagine the shots that can encompass swans gliding in front of the wedded couple as they kiss gently? However, we’re not all able to have gliding swans, thus your photographer will need to be very creative to capture romantic shots for you therefore make sure that the photographer is familiar with the locale of your wedding.

Whatever the venue of your wedding, romantic wedding photography relies on the photographer. Some take more romantic shots than others, thus you will need to carefully examine wedding portfolios to see the degree of romanticism involved.

Of course romanticism means something different to everyone. What one couple considers romantic, the other may call sappy. Getting the most romantic shots that you desire means that you need to openly communicate with the photographer. Choose wedding pictures from their portfolio that you like, and perhaps even use other wedding photographer’s portfolios to pass along ideas to the photographer that fits your budget.

Inquire if you will receive only digital pictures, or printed pictures too? Some photographers will charge much less for digital only, and some will guarantee you a coffee table album for your memories. Communication is the key here too, but be careful if you are charged by the photograph. All of your wedding photos will of course be the kind you wish to keep, and you’ll go way over budget.

Once you’ve found a number of photographers who suit your budget, you do need to spend some time with them. Just look at how much time you’ve set aside for all the other people involved in your wedding, the florist, the woman who made your wedding dress, the caterer, and you’ll realize that interviewing your photographer in person will enable you to choose the “right” one, and one with whom you are relaxed and confident to be with. After all, a photographer who does not like to work weddings will have that particular sentiment reflected in your photographs.

Photographers who are considered the most romantic are usually the photographers who can anticipate romantic moments. This is yet another important reason to meet with your photographer. Discuss it with them.

The act of choosing a romantic wedding photographer does not necessarily have to be extraordinarily expensive. Just be sure to choose photographers that are in your budget and only keep the special one who takes your kind of photography that you can relax with.

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