Calming the Mind, Body and Soul Through Yoga

The rat raced lives we lead has led to a host of physical and mental health issues. One doesn’t even have 24 hours a day as enough time to fulfill all their activities, and in the bargain they tend to ignore health on an overall basis. This is not exactly what we want to have, and by allowing such a negative lifestyle to overtake us, we tend to become lethargic, skeptical and very pessimistic.

When negativity overtakes, we tend to go downhill rather than the reverse. This is a dangerous sign, because fear overcomes and we aren’t able to handle it all. We get very judgmental and the mind is always in a state of fear and flux. You have to be able to release it all, so that you get harmony and love in your life. This would help you to fully enjoy your body and mind, just as they are meant to be.

Cleansing breathing during yoga with affirmations of the positive kind, such as saying “I am loved” over and over again while breathing would help. Remember, you are cleansing and calming the mind, not surpassing its needs in any which way. This would bring down depression and anxiety. If you do suffer from any of the two, it would be wise to work on them rather than ignore them. Let the fear blocks in your mind be released. Willingly release them all and see how your mood changes for the best.

If you have found a guru who would be willing to teach you yoga and to help you increase the harmony within, great. Or else it would wonderful to get a DVD or look online for free videos on yoga which would actually help you achieve that calm state of mind. Depression and disorders of the mind needn’t be chemically medicated as treatment; you can have the powerful positive effects of yoga helping you achieve the same.

When the mind is relaxed, the body benefits from the same, which would show and you would glow. This is in response to the way cortisol within the body has been released and the chronic levels would be thrown away, making it numb and immune to any anxiety pangs thereof. Yoga also helps with muscle flexibility, thought clarity and peace of mind, now and forever.

The energy center connected with the higher consciousness throughout the act of Yoga, and that’s why it is important that you practice at least half an hour everyday!!

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