Gain Weight with Yoga

Just as being over weight calls for health issues, being underweight is a concern too. And just like to shed weight you need to have an excellent control over your mind preventing it from giving way to temptations, gaining weight needs a lot of focus and concentration too. And just as weight loss, weight gain can also be effectively achieved through yoga.

One would be foolish to believe that some pills, potions or health drink could make them gain weight. One has to definitely increase the amount of food intake but that should not mean he should include all sorts of fatty foods in the diet that would accumulate fat at all the unwanted places leading to a disfigured appearance. That would prevent an effective weight gain along with a attaining a proper stature. One must increase the amount of healthy calorie laden foods in his diet  such as whole milk, cheese, butter, nuts, etc. not only do they help gain weight, they provide nourishment to the body too.

The best thing about gaining weight through yoga is that the weight gain doesn’t happen disproportionately. The accumulation of weight happens throughout the body in a controlled manner and a person doesn’t become overweight. The yoga exercises are perhaps the best way to gain weight. They help in building up ones stamina and boosting up the energy levels. The yogasanas which aim at increasing the weight increases ones appetites, making him feel hungrier and thus consume more food than usual.

The yoga for weight gain helps the body and mind to reach a state of harmony. It works towards the overall well being of a body. The “Savasana” or lying in a dead man’s position is excellent weight gain yoga. It is the asana involving minimum activity. To perform this one just has to lie down on the ground flat and perform regular breathing of inhalation and exhalation. This asana is believed to rejuvenate the body from within thus making it more active and zealous.

We all know how an obese person has a low energy level and weight gain is linked with these symptoms. But when you are gaining weight with yoga you actually increase the energy levels of your body. On the other hand a very thin body is weak and fragile along with lacking the required stamina. Weight gain with the help of yoga would look towards building the strength and stamina. The “Sarvangasana” is believed to be the best weight gain exercise. It’s also known as the shoulder stand. it works towards normalizing the body weight in accordance with the height.

If someone is underweight it is very important that he gains weight to achieve the normal body weight. And yoga helps to get just that. Thus yoga proves beneficial both for weight loss and weight gain. But maintaining a disciplined lifestyle with controlled food habits is also a key essential. So one must practice yoga to gain weight and it also works towards the attainment of a healthy body and mind.

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