Get Relief from Neck Pain with Yoga Technique

Yoga technique has solution for all problems includes neck and back pain. Yoga is the best solution for releasing both short term back and neck pain. People mostly pay less attention when they have pain in their neck they think it will cure by its own but it also needs proper attention and treatment. Neck pain makes your head heavy, wrong posture put stress on your neck and heavy burden on your head. Improper posture which usually happens during watching television or computer screen is the main reason of neck pain. To get relief from such pain yoga is the best and ideal option it will be slow process but will definitely release the pain and also enhance your life quality. Treatment of neck pain is a slow process because at once fast movement will not give you good results and pain will take long time to setback.

If a person is having neck pain he should have to avoid plow and shoulder stand poses. These poses will put stress on neck. It will also flatten completely cervical curve which is not good for neck injury. There are few steps involve in releasing your neck pain.

The first step of yoga involves sitting in a perfect posture and takes proper breath. Choose a strong chair; sit on its front corner with straight back and fold hands on the stomach. Keep your feet in strong contact with ground. Take a deep breath.

Now, make your complete attention on your stomach and lower lungs. Then, slowly bring your attention up to your middle chest by taking continuous breath. Now, slowly pull your attention and conscious breathing to collarbone when you have a healing and deep breath. Before releasing hold your breath for a second. Now, draw your attention to neck and breath through nose take it down to windpipe and then to lungs.

Release if you feel any stress in your body. Drop your shoulder from its own position. Now, gradually pull head crown higher as long as you feel comfortable.

At the safe and comfortable position now sit peacefully and enjoy your breathing without any pain.  Take deep breath of almost 10 to 15 times, take slow breath. The main feature of this technique is that it can be perform anywhere. Everyday many times we came across poor posture which leads to neck pain so, you can take few minutes and can perform this technique and will surely get fantastic results.

Another best technique is said to be cat cow position, it is quite beneficial for neck pain. Get down over knees and hands with wrists exactly below the shoulder and knees exactly below the hips. Engage and tighten the muscles of your stomach, it will flatter and straighten your back. Your head crown and tailbone will be almost at the equal level.

When you feel comfortable, take your breath in and your lower belly to the floor both at similar time. Slowly open your chest and raise your head carefully. Inhale in the similar position and repeat this practice for almost 5 to 10 times.

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