How Yoga Benefits Children

Children get about the same benefits from yoga as adults do. In fact, considering the stress and school pressures that children go through, helping children learn yoga not only helps relax them, but also gives them these various other health benefits.

Creates body awareness

Yoga helps create body awareness in children by teaching them how to move smoothly and feel what goes on in their bodies. They learn to use their balance to balance themselves more efficiently and easily through exercises like triangle poses and balancing on one leg.

Improve self-esteem

Yoga helps build a child’s self-esteem as they develop their balance, coordination, flexibility and strength through yoga. Once children learn new skills, they experience a boost in their confidence and independence. Even yoga games that let children express their creativity helps improve the child’s self-confidence.

Build strength

As yoga uses all the major muscle groups, children build their strength through strengthening poses like plank and boat. It’s always better to make yoga classes playful and fun as children should consider yoga a time to let of them instead of something competitive.

Develop flexibility

Yoga poses help develop and improve the flexibility in a child. Not only do children get to test their flexibility, they also learn about being compassionate to themselves. They learn how to back down from a stretch if their body is not ready for it.

In fact, after working yoga poses through various yoga classes, they learn how they can patiently and compassionately stretch themselves. Moreover, children not only learn about their body flexibility but also their mind flexibility.


Yoga also teaches children how to relax easily. While using their creativity in animal poses, children learn how to balance, stretch and challenge their strengths compassionately. This in turn makes it easier for them to relax at the end of classes.

In fact, it is this relaxation that gives children a break from their busy lives. Though it is only impel breathing exercises that are taught for relaxation in yoga, they are very valuable and helpful in making children relax. These exercises generally help them focus on their breath and simplicity which in turn helps them get their minds off everything else.

Seeing all the benefits that yoga gives children, it is generally better and advisable for parents to enroll their children in a yoga class in school or a nearby community center. These benefits are not short term benefits, but health benefits that children benefit from for the rest of their lives.

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