Importance and Advantages of Yoga

Yoga is the traditional meditations technique and it was developed by ancient Indian saints. They generally practiced regular yoga to control their body and mind activities. In regular life yoga is a practice which consist of eight development levels which includes

  • Spiritual health
  • Metal health
  • Physical health
  • Social health

If human body is healthy physically, then his mind will be clearer, stressed free and will be more focused. It also provides better social life and healthy connection with your love. A healthy person has better touch and understanding with his inner self, with surroundings and with other people so; it makes you spiritually healthy as well. The main teaching of yoga is to concentrate on your breathing while holding a pose. When you focus on breathing it will reduce your anxiety and stress. Yoga also cure insomnia, regular yoga practice gives you deeper and better sleep. It is also helpful in fighting against fatigue and also boosts your energy through the day. It is the best treatment for many problems like weakness, fatigue, stiffness and malaise.

Yoga has many mental as well as physical benefits.

  • Help in self-healing
  • Eliminate negative things from mind and also remove toxin materials from the body.
  • Help in attaining perfect harmony and equilibrium.
  • Improves personal power
  • Improves self-awareness
  • Help in concentration and focus, most especially in children.
  • Remove tension, stress and depression

Stress management

In everyone’s life they may have some stress and tension, so, yoga is the best way to reduce your tensions and stress. It relaxes your body and draws your attention away from your problems and hectic routine and gives calm effect to your mind and body. After having yoga you will be happy and have better concentration and focus on your work.

Strengthen your body

Yoga practice increase your muscles strength like upward and downward dog and plank makes your upper body strong. Standing posse and holding breath for long time give strength to your quadriceps, abdominal muscles and hamstring. Other poses like upward dog pose or chair pose strengthen your back muscles. Almost all yoga practices make you strong from inside. It also enhances your metabolism and help in quick shedding of pounds.

Control blood pressure

Yoga exercise and relaxing techniques plays an important role in preventing and treating blood pressure. With yoga relaxing and breathing techniques one can easily control his blood pressure and can bring high blood pressure to normal.

Breathing problems

Yoga breathing techniques help in the treatment of many breathing problems, it control sever breathing shortness attacks. Researchers have proved that yoga serve best in respiratory problems.

Mental health

One of the best yoga breathing techniques is to breathe from one nostril. EEG (Electroencephalogram) studies have proved that breathing like this increase action on the other side of brain. So, it enhances the communication between both sides of brain and results in the better performance.

Yoga has lots more benefits that one can be achieved by incorporating regular yoga practices in their daily routine.

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