Improve Your Memory Using Yoga Poses

As we age it is but natural to lose out on memory, and we cannot defy nature on that. But we still can slow down this process of forgetting things, whichever way you want to look at it. Those who suffer from memory issues, we know how it feels. This is a disadvantage and we feel shy to socialize, because taking the next persons name in front of them when they are so cordial with you, leads you to embarrassment.

Most joke and would say that one has started ageing when memory fades, but with adequate steps using yoga, you can throw the joke back on them. Experts with yoga advise men and women, even children to use yoga for further memory improvement. Yoga helps activate the nervous system and the brain is fed with strong positive signals round the clock. This helps improve the memory and the concentration ability too.

Experts would advise practicing “Pranayama”, “Sirshasana”, “Balasana”, “Sarvangasana” and Bhujangasana to empower your memory. Some even go a step ahead and use Halasana to improve their memories, also known as the Plough Pose. The pose is known to be a highly recommended morale booster, say experts and this would work on the chest area where a lot of pressure is built, and even around the neck which bears the load. When these two areas are targeted, relief is formed in the upper part of the body. The thymus glands are activated and it helps with weight loss too.

There are variations to be used for all levels and age groups in the plough pose. But ensure you speak to your doctor first before you do the pose, since there are side effects which can be harmful. If you suffer from hernia, you shouldn’t be using the plough pose at all. This is because the abdominal area is targeted the most. And pregnant women too needless to say should NOT use the plough pose for the same reasons.

It would be very wise to first check with your doctor to know if there are any underlying health issues to be addressed and to get a clean chit for the same. Sometimes even psychologically we tend to believe we are ageing and getting forgetful as days pass by, which is untrue. Ensure you aren’t surrounded by people and situations that are toxic and negative. This would be your first step towards improving your memory!!

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