Lose Weight with Yoga – Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight

Yoga is an ancient science. It aims towards the achievement of a disciplined mind, body and spirit. Yoga has been believed to relieve body and mind of stress and its harmful effects since ages. It even cures various difficult physical ailments. But, weight loss too? Is that true? You bet it is.

We live in a world where obesity has become a major problem. Not only does it snatch away the natural liveliness of a person, it decreases his lifespan too. Now that’s scary isn’t it? But whom do we blame? Indiscipline lifestyle, complicated food habits? And what will we realize with blaming. Nothing.

We need to work out an effective result for the problem. Something that is not a short termed solution like the diet pills or the detox diets. Yoga. Yes that’s your answer. Yoga not only helps you reduce the weight, but also keeps you from gaining it back with regular practice. Since it calms and soothes the mind it actually doesn’t let you overeat or binge. It has no side effects, i.e. it doesn’t make you anorexic or sick. It works on the toning and shaping of the body, which results eventually with weight loss.

Yoga works towards increasing the metabolism of the body. The breathing exercises in yoga increases the oxygen level of the body, keeping mind fresh and active. Lethargic thyroid glands results into weight gaining. Some yoga poses work towards stimulating the glands helping in weight loss.

Not all the yoga postures or “asanas” will help you loose weight. The most important yogic form in the weight loss is the “Sun Salutation popularly known as the Surya Namaskara. This also includes a series of yogic postures performed back to back. Apart from that there are basically two types of yoga techniques which help you loose weight. “Bikram Yoga” and “Astanga Yoga”. These yoga techniques are practiced at a fast pace leaving little time to relax in between the asanas. These help in burning more calories and thus loosing more weight. They work towards correcting the postures also.

The “Bikram Hatha Yoga” is generally practiced by the players and celebrities for whom maintaining a proper weight is always a concern. It is punch of calm asanas along with a total cardiovascular and aerobic work outs, burning lots of calories. The “Ashtanga Yoga” on the other hand works towards controlling the breath along with some mildly complicated postures.

Other very popular yoga techniques of recent times are the power yoga, hugely popular in the celeb circuit. It has a series of dynamic yogic postures in its regime. The hot yoga too is tremendously popular as it aims at sweating you out and hence loose weight.

Loosing the excess weight is extremely important for maintaining the health of the body. And yoga helps you in that. It also disciplines ones lifestyle. It makes people attain a control over mind and behaviors making them look good and feel good. Along with practicing the asanas it’s also important to lead a balanced lifestyle and have simple food habits. And one should keep practicing them throughout life, to remain healthy and look good always.

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