Power Yoga- Some Serious Advanced Level Yoga For Enthusiastic

Power yoga is a type of yoga particularly popular in Europe and US but, now is practiced in Asian countries as well. It is a type of yoga which not only involves physical but also mental practices like Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga and Karma yoga. Power yoga is also known as power flow due to its vigorous exercises. It is one type which involves a lot of exercises, which are strenuous and not recommended for older people.

Power yoga is basically Ashtanga yoga and has roots in the latter. Power yoga often involves sun salutations and sometimes vinyasas which means it is particularly of help to those looking for cardiac exercises because the above mentioned exercises elevate heart rate and increase heat content in the body. By increasing heat in the body, it not only kills some bacteria but highlights the perfect working state of your body.

Due to the fact that power yoga is a cardiovascular exercise, its popularity has increased across the globe and it is now seen as the modern form of yoga. Power yoga’s main founder is Baron Baptiste.

Power yoga involves both sitting and standing postulates and movements linking meditation with physical movements. It is actually a blend of American society demands of exercise and the mental and spiritual essence of yoga, originated originally in India.

Like the other kinds of yoga, there are special conditions for power yoga which are really harsh. It is usually practiced in a room (hot) which is at approximately 42°C of temperature. These are really harsh conditions and hence call for the list of people who should avoid power yoga. These include:

  • Seniors.
  • Injured people should seriously avoid this.
  • Those people who experience high B.P. or have heart issues.
  • Those in poor physical health like some other disease.
  • Those who are new to the exercises to yoga or those who have never done any type of yoga before.

An introduction to all sorts of exercises in power yoga is really important otherwise, it might lead to injury or pulled muscles. Exercises in power yoga cause vigorous breathing and when this happens your cardiovascular exercise is being done.

Power yoga is also linked with Hatha yoga which allowed for the cultural acceptance and space of yoga in America. According to statistics given by American Studio, about 30 million people in the United States are practicing yoga every day. Its popularity is the main reason why it is linked with Hatha yoga because of the sharing of its movements and sequences with the latter.

To sum up the benefits of power yoga:

  • It boosts stamina, suppleness and strength.
  • It increases one’s concentration time span and helps focus.
  • It is excellent for those who want to get away from tension and stress.
  • It makes your physical appearance strong and tones up the body.
  • It is also beneficial in case when you want to get away from drugs and toxins.
  • It is also a good training method for sportsmen.
  • It helps you develop good postures.
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