Practice Yoga to Attain that Beautiful and Healthy Skin

You would be surprised to know what yoga can do for you. You must have heard how it helps cure various health issues, but did you know that yoga could also make your skin look beautiful and impart glow to your face. Since the face is the mirror of your mind and health, the yoga looks towards the complete well being of your body and cares for your skin as well.

Various reason determine the health of ones skin, them behind stress, pollution, complicated food habit, high exposure to sun rays. All these factors work together or in isolation to damage the health of the skin and thus make it look unhealthy and cause various skin diseases. Various breathing techniques and exercises helps balance the hormonal levels of ones body and helps reach oxygen to the cells of the body. That helps nourish the skin and remove all toxins from it. This would ensure that the skin remains hydrated and looks supple. It also prevents the sagging or wrinkling of the skin and therefore could be also said to be able to keep aging at bay once you put it into regular practice.

Once your mind is relaxed and your there are no stress level, your endocrine glands will alspo be under control. Any disturbance in the mind and any kind of stress is a disturbance for the body and the endocrine glands start secreting hormones or retreat from secreting the required amount on such occasions, disturbing the whole body balance and affecting the skin also. When you practice yoga you know that you may be able to keep your mind calm and free from any sort of anxiety. That will help in maintaining the body balance and the health of the skin.

The yogasanas which specially help in maintaining the health of the skin and impart that glow to your face you always wanted to have are the Suryanamaskara, the Trikonasana, the Yogamudra, the Pawanmuktasana, the Bhujangasana, the Ustrasana, the Sarvangasana, and the Halasana. All these asanas or poses help improve the blood secretion of the body, making them reach and nourish each cell and thus maintain the proper health of the skin.

A complete relation is attained after practicing deep breathing in the Shavashana. A yoga nidra can be practiced after your yoga or before you go to sleep. The simplest form of yoga, meditation, or concentrating on a single point helps comfort mind and de stress it. Meditation as in yoga could be performed by sitting with folded legs and closed eyes and concentrating on the point between the two eyebrows.

But whatever yoga regime you commit yourself to make sure you learn from a trained professional. Practicing wrong postures can prove to be adverse for your health. Along with practicing yoga you must also see that you maintain a disciplined lifestyle and heathy food habits. Avoid complicated foods. And keep practicing the yoga for life long, and you could be the owner of that beautiful and healthy skin too.

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