The Diet Details of Yoga

We all know how yoga benefits us in lots of ways. It strives towards maintaining a proper balance of the body, gifting us that optimum state of health we ought to be having. But it calls for certain contributions from our part as well, for example our food habits. Complicated food habits and affinity towards junk foods take the health nowhere, they only detoriate it. So to ensure that our regular practice of yoga serves its purpose we must keep in mind to maintain a simple diet high in nutrition, a whole branch of yogic diet called the Anna yoga is devoted for health.

Yoga has always preached the necessity of maintaining a balanced diet and eating wholesome food. It tells how maintaining a balanced diet and eating nutritious and simple food is so very important for a complete health. In today’s world where almost 97% of the heath disorders is caused due to lack of proper nutrition and unhealthy eating habits, this diet philosophy of yoga could easily be justified.

The Indian way of cooking and eating come closest to the yogic philosophy. That is the reason why the Indian people suffer far less from stomach problems or food related disorders when compared with the west. The yoga doesn’t categorize food into classes of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats. Their philosophy says that a food can only provide the best of its nutrition when had as a whole instead of being dissected or tampered with.

Maintaining a balanced wholesome diet would ensure that the functions like food absorption, assimilation and elimination is carried out properly. That ensures all the cells receive proper nutrition and all the toxins get eliminated from the body.

A whole food is that food whose nutrition and flavor has not been disturbed through any kind of pre processing. They are very easy for the stomach and are highly nutritious ensuring that the person gets the full nutritional benefits of the substance; they are free from any kind of additives.

The yogic diet is the simplest to prepare and very delicious. It does not require you to be worried about the calories taken like the complicated buffet lunch of your office party or may be your friend’s marriage. Having all these benefits quite clearly imply that when on a yogic diet one can easy maintain their ideal weight and not worry about getting fat or overweight.

Yogic diet is basically vegetarian. The yogic diet promotes those simple vegetarian foods which are easily absorbed and eliminated. They basically ask you to eat whole fruits, and vegetables. These foods are high in fiber content and are easy for your stomach and digestion.

Once your metabolism is proper and the body system works properly you shall see that you have attained a peaceful and calmer state of mind. Once you have attained that your regular yoga regime will also cause maximum benefits. So it is very important for you to maintain a proper yogic diet, minus complicated food and irregular eating hours to ensure that your regular practice of yoga serves the best of its purpose.

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