What is Your Excuse for Not Doing Yoga?

So what is your excuse of not doing yoga?

1.      No time
2.      No inclination
3.      Doesn’t give you the body you want
4.      Expensive equipment

All of which are myths and conditioning of the mind. If you will it and wish to have the best body around, yoga actually can help. Since it is an ancient art of healing the body and making it fit, the mind too can benefit a lot. Hence, don say NO to yoga, understand it and learn how to use it for your highest good.

One doesn’t need to invest in equipment that would rip your wallets apart. You don’t even have to spend a bomb trying to do yoga or joining an institute that would help you for the same. If you have loose clothing and a mat, it would be more than enough to achieve the desired body you want, so lets get started shall we.

If you check online, you would find various ways in which you can do yoga. Most of us are accustomed to the poses and postures show on television or the internet. These are used to stretch the muscles and strengthen them too. The art of yoga also teaches us how to breathe and to control the mind as well. Hatha Yoga for example is slow and gentle and very popular across the globe. Some even indulge in vigorous yoga postures, such as the ashtanga yoga.

Your guru would be able to guide you more on yoga poses that would and can benefit your mind, body and soul. You should be able to choose one which would help you achieve your goals and needs, when it comes to fitness and routines. There are many home DVDs you can watch and learn, and you can also join a class if you need guidance.

Pregnant women too can work out using the art of yoga, and this ancient art has also helped many patients suffering from chronic health conditions too. But we would still ask you to first consult your doctor and then go on with the art of yoga. If there are any injuries and health issues to be noted, ensure you speak to your yoga teacher first and then embark on the journey to healing and well being.

Irrespective of the style of yoga you choose to use, take baby steps to reach the final goal. One shouldn’t force themselves into poses that seem tough. When your body attains more flexibility through yoga, stamina and strength would automatically come your way. A good teacher wouldn’t force you over the edge; they would show you ways to overcome it overtime.

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