Why Women Must Practice Yoga

Yoga may be an ancient Hindu tradition to attain union with god but it has become very popular in modern times as a way to achieve better health both physically as well as mentally. It has been accepted as a great discipline to bring several important benefits to the body and the soul of the individual. While it is a science or art that includes meditation, breathing exercises, and asanas or postures, physical benefits mainly accrue through postures that are easy and simple enough to be done by anybody who is interested in improving his health and fitness.  The efficacy of yoga is beyond doubt and even the western world has woken to the amazing and wonderful health benefits of yoga.

There are many rumors doing rounds

With there being many health benefits of yoga, there are many who feel that women should avoid yoga because of menstruation problems every month. There are also who feel that some postures of yoga can be harmful for the reproductive organs of women and might pose problems when the woman tries to conceive or give birth to a baby. Then there are fears of causing harm to the baby in the womb of the women when they are pregnant. However, it has been proved time and again that if one leaves a few days of menstruation and the last 2-3 months of pregnancy, there is nothing to suggest that yoga can be harmful for women in general.

Make your body and mind strong with yoga

In fact, every woman should start on yoga exercises as early as possible as these exercises make her joints flexible and supple. Yoga exercises, called asanas, can be great for stretching of body leading to strengthening of bones and muscles. This is of critical importance in the case of Asian women who have been found complaining of arthritis and weakness of bones and muscles quite early in their lives. Yoga exercises are known to massage all internal organs leading to proper secretion of hormones. This is beneficial for relaxation and concentration of women. Improvement of mental strength is another major benefit that can be derived from various pranayama and stretching postures of yoga. This helps women to face different problems in their lives with calmness and composure.

Add to your confidence

There can be no gainsaying the fact that women tend to be more emotional than men and need to strengthen their psyche to be better able to cope with all the emotional challenges of life. Breathing exercises of yoga, called pranayama, have been found to be very effective in restoring emotional balance of the practitioner and making her strong emotionally and psychologically. Not many women are aware of the fact that emotional imbalance and all the stress that gets built up inside their mind can lead to many health problems.

Thus if you happen to be a woman, there is every reason why you should take up yoga exercises regularly in your life to strengthen your body and mind.

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