Yoga Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

When you get fats at any part of the body you start exercises to shed that fat. Like when you put fat on your stomach you prefer to tone abs. when your butts become saggy, you start working out on it. Similarly when you get double chin you also have to pay proper attention, there are lots of different yoga exercises. Double chin is the result of extra fats that stored in the body, so, the simple and natural ways of reducing double chin is best yoga exercises. Another reason of double chin is the age factor with the increase in age double chin get bigger.

Yoga Exercises to Reduce Double Chin:

There are few best yoga exercises which will help in reducing your double chin.

Step 1:

Stand straight with your face in the upward direction toward ceiling, in this position free your face muscles. Make your lips in a position that you are kissing ceiling. Feel a bit stretch on the either lip side or on your neck. Hold your lips in this position for almost 5 seconds. Then set free and repeat this set of exercise for 5 times.

Step 2:

Stretch your head to back direction as much as you can and you feel stretch in your neck, and then open up your mouth wide as much as you can. Hold this position for almost 5 or 6 seconds and at the jaw bottom feet this stretch. Then lock your mouth, stretch it underside. Repeat this exercise in five sets.

Step 3:

Remain in the same standing position with your face forward and closed mouth. Roll back your head until your face is facing toward ceiling and then move your face back to forward and repeat this process for almost 10 times.

Ste 4:

Stand with your face forward and gradually press on your lips on the upper lips. Then tilt you jaw do not use hand for it. Try this process to touch your nose. Hold this position for almost 10 seconds. Repeat this process in ten sets.

Step 5:

Stand or sit but keep your back in straight position. Open mouth and let the bottom jaw to fall down. Then push your lower jaw forward. Left lower jaw up until bottom teeth come forward from your upper teeth.

Step 6:

Sit on a chair and keep your feet on floor in flat form. Place under your chin inflatable ball of 6 inches. Slowly move your chin down until you can keep hold that ball in your neck without holding it with hands. While doing so, count for 10, move your head in the backward direction with face forward. Then repeat this exercise for almost 10 times.

Everyone wants to get ride from double chin because it shows people aged and destroy the beauty of people. So, all people either house wives or job holders all wants to get rid of it. Everyone is searching for best ways how they can shed fats from their chin. There are different online sources from where you can learn about it.

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