Yoga Height Increase – Yoga Techniques to Help You Grow Taller

Sun Salutation

Yoga has always been used and related to relaxation, meditation and health reasons. However there are many more benefits and uses for yoga; like using yoga techniques to help you grow taller.

Basically, yoga consists of movements that work at creating flexibility of your body, while you control your breath. It is this movement itself that can really help you increase your height.

Your body, especially your back, gets stretched during yoga. While doing these movements, your body first starts decompressing from the pressure of gravitational force, where you actually start shrinking. However once you relieve your body of all this strain, the cartilage of your back and joints start lengthening and thickening. In turn, they also make you feel much taller.

Strengthen Your Spine

You also get to strengthen your spine through yoga, which in turn improves your posture. It is possible to increase your height by several inches just with a good posture as aligned spines are ready for growth in length.

The Sukhasana is the first yoga asana to use for height growth. This asana helps you control your breathing and tones your lower back and hips. You have to sit cross-legged on the floor, with your hands on your knees.

Concentrate on breathing deeply and at an even pace while keeping your spine aligned. Then you have to push your buttocks to the floor, and lower your knees. Take about 5 deep breaths and inhale as your raise your arms upwards, over your head. Then you have to gently bring your hands done, while exhaling. This cycle has to be repeated 6 times everyday.

The triangle

The trikonasana is also called the triangle that helps build good posture and provide relief from tension. You have to stand with legs about 3-4 feet apart, and feet parallel to each other.

Then your left foot has to be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right foot, 45 degrees inwards. Your arms have to be raised to the side, so that they are parallel to the floor, while inhaling.

While exhaling, your head has to be turned to face down the length of your left arm. Your left knee has to be lined up with the left ankle. While taking a deep breath, you have to stretch towards your left ankle as far as possible, while you tilt your left hip down.

Then rotate your arms so that your left hand rests against the inside of your calf and right arm, towards the ceiling. Next, turn your head to the direction of your right arm, while taking several deep breaths. You have to next inhale and strengthen your body, exhale and then lower your arms to your hips. Repeat the same procedure on your right.

Try these two exercises on a regular basis, preferably everyday, and you are bound to find some significant increase in your height. It has been proven that yoga does help with height increase, so don’t lose heart if you don’t find any changes immediately. Patience and determination will definitely make you a much taller person with yoga.

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