Yoga for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most enriching experience for a woman. The feeling of being the creator and carrying a new life is something which cannot be expressed in words. A pregnant mom should be at the best of her health and take proper care of her so that the foetus grows to be a healthy baby. What more could help than yoga? Yes you heard me right. Yoga, the ancient form of exercise curing ailments and various health issues has its own set of exercises for the pregnant mother. Practicing those would ensure that you stay health and the baby sees the light of the world at the best of his health.

Yoga aims towards providing deep relaxation to the mind and body of the “would-be- mom”. Since pregnancy can be related to a lot of changes occurring in the body, for example the hormones cause havoc in the body, the stress level, the anxiety increases. And not to forget the other pregnancy related fears which keep troubling every pregnant mom. A pregnant mom generally has to deal with things like weight gain, stretch marks, mood swings, constipation, swellings, muscle cramps, and many such among the others. Yoga does help one relieve of all this problems along with keeping the stress and anxiety at bay.

But before starting on this exercise routine, the pregnant mother should consult her gynecologist. Once approved, she might approach a trained yoga instructor who has specialized or has been practicing in pre natal yoga. Since the fetus is at a delicate state in the mother’s womb, just about practicing any yoga can prove harmful for the baby, so one has to practice yoga which is customized for the pregnant women.

Special care should be ensured during the first and third trimester of the gestation period. The baby’s brain and central nervous system is developed during the first trimester while the third trimester is the time closer to the delivery period. Exercises which rise up the temperature of the core body must be avoided because that proves to be harmful for the baby. The reason being that the baby inside the womb cannot release the heat generated, and is adversely affected. The exercises that have a strenuous affect on the major muscles must also be avoided. Because there is possibility that blood could rush to those muscles from the foetus, thereby proving to be lethal for it.

When taken care of these points, this ancient art will help you enjoy your pregnancy to the utmost making it a pleasant experience for you. It will see that the labor turns out to be a lesser painful experience and a delivery an easy one. The various relaxation and breathing technique, which are a part of this regime of prenatal yoga relieves the tension caused around the cervix and the birth canal, making the delivery easy. It also helps the mind focused and calm, away from the stress and anxiety, because already the sudden hormonal changes have a huge affect on the mothers mind and body.

Therefore if you are a pregnant mom, and want to make your gestation a pleasurable experience, consult your doctor and when received a green signal, enroll yourself into a yoga class meant for the pregnant women.

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