Yoga for Relief from Back Pain

Back pain is a common health problem in both men and women of the present day. All this back pain is attributed to the increased stress and tension in the muscles supporting the spine. This is in turn triggered by improper posture, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and excessive use of the back. One of the best ways to bring relief from back pain is with regular exercise, preferably yoga.

It is generally when the back muscles which are found in the neck or lumber region get stressed and fatigued because of excessive twisting, turning and bending that you develop back pain. Even improper sitting postures, lumbar scoliosis and some injury can lead to back pain.

Most cases of back pain can be treated with conscious and gentle yoga steps and postures. In fact, yoga is proven to be a safe and effective means of alleviating various types of back pain and with regular yoga, you can even prevent consequent back pain attacks.

Yoga and its healing benefits:

Yoga is beneficial at strengthening back muscle groups. There are various yoga postures that effectively strengthen both the back and abdominal muscles while helping you maintain a proper upright posture and body movement. It is possible to reduce the stress in the back muscles by regular stretching and relaxation. You will find that once your back muscles are well conditioned, your back pain slowly comes under control.

Yoga also helps ease lower back pain by stretching and strengthening the muscles here. In addition to this, yoga helps improve blood circulation so that nutrients in your food are quickly carried to the injured tissues for a quicker recovery. Yoga is also effective at maintaining a natural curve at the spine, which is in turn important in avoiding lower back pain.

All this shows and proves that yoga is a great therapy to use for healing injured and sore back muscles. Moreover, it helps speedup your recovery form an injury, and prevents re-injuries too. Yoga also reduces the risk of developing any disability because of back pain.

In a nutshell, it can be said that yoga helps improve awareness of your body so that you can prevent back pain by keeping your body healthy and supple. It is however always better if a case of back pain is first evaluated by a doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment before starting yoga.

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