Yoga to Lose Weight at Home

Yoga is a way of life designed to keep body and mind healthy. It is an ancient tradition of Hindus that helps in attaining union with the divinity. While it is much more than just a set of physical exercises, it is today treated as a way to keep oneself healthy and fit. Meditation is an integral part of yoga but in modern times, the focus has shifted to physical exercises, also called asanas. These physical exercises have been shown to bring many health benefits to those who do them on a regular basis. One of these benefits is weight loss that is of special significance for women.

Obesity is a major problem among Asian women and they are inclined to put on weight because of use of oily food and lack of exercises. Yoga exercises provide an easy solution to the problem of obesity. These exercises can be done both in a park as well as in one’s own home in a room that is well ventilated. There are both special breathing exercises as well as postures that can be performed easily to lose fat and get back into shape. However, one should remain patient as she cannot expect overnight results with yoga.

Yoga helps in producing antioxidants inside the body of a woman. It also helps in removing the toxins from the body thereby improving the skin texture and strengthening the immune system of the woman. Yoga postures aid in massaging all the organs inside the body that leads to balance of hormones and their secretion from the glands in right amounts.

Lose weight breathing in a specific manner

One breathing exercise in yoga called Kapalabhanti pranayama has been found to be effective in burning calories in a fast manner. This is a simple exercise that requires inhaling and exhaling at a brisk pace and at the same time allowing movement of the stomach in a precise manner to achieve the desired results. In addition to this pranayama, there are some wonderful postures called asanas that help in weight loss.

Women are more prone than men to put on extra fat on their thighs, waist, and belly. They also gain weight after delivery that proves to be stubborn and does not go away easily. Asian woman also find it harder to get back into shape because of their lifestyles as housewives that make them eat oily food. They also do not do regular stretching exercises further complicating the weight problem. However, just half an hour of yoga exercises in a day are sufficient for them to start losing weight.

Yoga can be stress buster

Not many people know that stress also plays a role in women putting on weight. Yoga exercises are great stress busters providing relief and reducing the levels of stress in an individual. There is in fact a breathing exercise or pranayama that relaxes the mind removing all stress. A woman should learn the asanas and pranayama from a qualified instructor and do these exercises daily to see visible results in a few days.

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