You are Never Too Old to Benefit from Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Hindu tradition of purification of body and mind to attain union with God. It is in fact a way of life as designed by ancient Hindu sages thousands of years ago. It is a generic term that includes meditation, breathing exercises, and asanas or postures for the benefit of our bodies and minds. Yoga exercises are known to improve our concentration and strength. They make our bodies supple by keeping our joints working in optimum condition. However, there are many different postures in Yoga and they are beneficial for our various organs, cardiovascular system and even our mental health.

Yoga can benefit whether through breathing exercises or through asanas

One can take up yoga as a way to relax and have some stretching exercises or he can also do breathing exercises for relaxation while at the same time also learning meditation to have that blissful state of mind that is the real purpose behind yoga. No matter in what way one takes up yoga, there are myriad benefits that can be experienced. While there are general exercises that everyone is expected to do as a healthy human being, there are some special asanas that a person has to do if he is suffering from an illness that e wants to cure.

Women can benefit greatly from yoga

Though yoga is beneficial to both men as well as women, it has special significance for women as these exercises can help women to strengthen their hands, feet, joints and in fact entire muscular system to remain fit and healthy. Yoga asanas make the body of a woman strong as these postures make use of different muscle groups leading to strengthening of the body that is also suppler. There are some great stretching exercises in yoga that keep the body of a woman flexible and active.

Asian women have been found to be suffering from weak muscles and bones due to lack of nutrition and also lack of exercise. Yoga provides a great solution to the general weakness syndrome so commonly reported by women in Asia if they take up breathing exercises along with postures of yoga on a regular basis.

Breathing exercises in yoga are great for bringing relaxation that has become so very necessary for women n these times. The lives of women, whether they are working or just housewives have become so stressful and full of tension that doing pranayama or the breathing exercises dally can bring relaxation so desperately required by these women. Breathing exercises in yoga can bring calmness and improve composure that can make a qualitative difference in the lives of women.

Yoga exercises massage all parts of the body (read internal organs) leading to improvement in the health of the individual. These exercises have a great effect on the bones and muscular system leading to better joint movements and relief from various aches and pains that Asian women are prone to. In general, yoga can be taken up by women of all ages irrespective of their work schedule to derive physical and mental benefits from it.

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