A Gemini woman – sugar and spice and everything nice

If variety is the spice of life for you (ahem ahem) a Gemini woman is the best woman that you can every find. She is multiple personalities and knows how to not let it turn into a disorder. One thing is for sure about a Gemini woman, she will not react in the same to the same stimulus, as she is reacting now. She is fun to be with, has a natural sense of wit and sarcasm and can be really smart and funny to be with. Chances are, she will be an explorer. She may love to travel and explore different places or she may love to listen to others and explore their psyche. And well, she is a die hard (so may love exploring her lover, may be, wink wink.) You may find her sitting in one corner, but never underestimate her prowess. If it really gets to her, she can really floor you with her sense of wit, enthusiasm and intellect. Gemini women are often too popular in the opposite sex, and can be quite a creative person.

This woman is brutally frank!

A Gemini woman can give you a hard time when it comes to being honest. She is brutal with honesty and never falters from criticizing you, blatantly on your face. She can come across to be quite heartless and indifferent at times and can get really nasty when it comes to fighting. She looses interests easily, and if she has explored and you have not managed to excite her psyche, you better pack your bags and be on your way. Hey intrinsic need to explore also makes her a wandered and at times she may just wander. She can be with you and yet her mind may be wandering some place that you many never know of. And yes, her mood can change before you can even manage to complete the sentence that you are saying. And the sentence can be “Hello, how are you?”

She can get disinterested very easily. She can criticize blatantly on the face. She is full of sarcastic remarks. It is difficult for her to settle down in life. At times, she can be heartless and indifferent. Her mind is always wandering.This makes her extremely restless. She can be quite brutally frank about her opinions. Her moods change before one could say Jack Robinson.

Gemini woman and the matters of matrimony and motherhood

It is quite difficult to win the affections of a Gemini woman. If you are an insecure types and need stabilitya nd security, perhaps a Gemini woman is not the right choice of a partner for you. She is a challenge and you will be continuously pushed to compete for her affections. She can like many men, all at once. Often, due to the multiple personalities in her, she is able to connect with one personality with one man and other with the others. Often, one man is not enough to intrigue her, and we are saying that in a very respectful and non sexual way. She is not the one to get jealous, but boy, she can make you burn in envy. But as a companion, you can be rest assured to never get bored of your Gemini counterpart. She will keep you entertained and intrigued with her witty remarks and sarcasm.

As a mother, she will take some getting used to, but once she is there, she will be a very fun woman.

Some of the Gemini women who have had the entire world on their feet includes the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Angelina jolie, Anna Kournikova, Brooke Shields, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Champbell, Heidi Klum etc.

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